My favourite Interior design books, how to find your style

I find myself constantly examining friends and families homes to see how they put their own personality into it their decor. I think finding your style can be pretty difficult. Especially if like me, your mind is constantly changing. 1 minute I love the idea of a Scandinavian vibe, the next I’m feeling elegant gold and bright pinks.. A great way to give you some inspirations and ideas for where to start in your home decor are books. Plus design books always look beautiful on coffee tables too.

No two families are the same. Similarly, every family home needs to boast its unique charm. The only effective way to do this is to sit down and understand your circumstances and requirements. It’s all about finding the right balance for your family. After all, building the right environment when you have very young children will be a huge contrast to the perfect single girl property. While there are certain factors that every property should possess, it would be foolish to think it’s a case of one size fits all. Although I’m trying to fight the battle of making my home family friendly with that single girl city style…


This book is great if you’re looking to inject a bit of culture into your home. I love how colourful it is, and the ideas are endless. So if you’re struggiling for a theme, go for a city look instead! Go to trusty Amazon for this book here.


This is one of my favourite books to get inspiration from, the houses used are acompletely gorgeous and it also give tips from the authors own renovations she has done, which are quite comical! Get this book here.

Now when it comes to a home makeover you can DIY, design and upcycle it all yourself or speak to experts like MDM  which will allow you to think about your visions of a perfect home, and how best to achieve them. Richard and I are the type of couple where if we can do it ourselves we will, obviously big jobs like electric, and knocking down a wall we would leave to the experts. But designing, DIY, and minor building projects would be a challenge we would love to get stuck into. But by using the best experts, most projects can be completed in a matter of weeks. Let’s face it, you’d probably take months. And there’s nothing less homely than a property with half completed rooms. A Beautiful Mess do one of my favourite books for inspiration when doing DIY at your home.

61M3iMt0VvL._SX399_BO1,204,203,200_I love love this book, hell I love the blog too! They are just full of so many awesome ideas, that you will never get bored with this book! Get it here.

51gBLgvTtPL._SX410_BO1,204,203,200_This book is one of my favourites too, as it looks at different ways to decorate your home doing it room by room! So many ideas…not enough rooms! Get this book here! Also their app is pretty amazing too!

Lastly think about the boring stuff to make radiators, plug sockets, wires etc look good, or at least not so much of a sore spot to look at. Other areas can be considered too, Richard loves the idea of having the new wifi energy-efficient system The Hive, he also likes the idea of automated gates and voice intercom systems to take things to the next level… I could come to terms if I could paint the gates an awesome colour…but thinking of ways to be creative with ugly sections of your home need to be considered too. Maybe someone should come out with a book on just doing that.


I love buying decor books, they just don’t get old. If you have any recommendations of decor books you love tweet, pin, comment or email me would love some new inspiration!



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