My Favourite Ways to Add Colour and Personality to a Home



If there’s one thing I hate in home decor, it’s a lack of colour and personality. What’s the point of having your own home if there are no signs that it’s you who lives there? If you want to make your home look lived in, it has to represent you. I always make an effort to give our home the personal touch. Which can be difficult sometimes as we rent. I think I find it more frustrating when people just move in, and pick 4 different shades of magnolia to paint there house, as it’s just easier that way. If magnolia is your favourite colour and you have picked them because that represents you…then fine..i’ll allow it.. I dream of owning our own place one day and it being just bursting with pattern and colour.But for now, I add colour to our home in little ways. Like with random objects I’ve picked up when shopping or carefully selected items around the house. Here are some of my favourite ways to make my home more colourful with both big and little choices.





When I get a chance to go away be it Italy or Devon, I try and pick up things to remind me of my day or experience. When travelling to a different country I like to pick up a colourful food tin. Weird it may be, but I use them as pots to store things, and I love having something unique from that Country. If I’m smart enough, and pack efficiently i’ll pick up some colourful throws, or a piece of street art.  If you bring things back from your holidays, even if it’s just from Spain, France or London, they tell the story of your life. They show what you are interested in and where you’ve been. So next time you go away, bring back something you can display in your home. Even if it’s just a nice selection of shells from Southend beach.






Gallery walls are a must in my books. And art is subjective. You don’t need thousands of pound to bring culture and colour to your home. Art work can be personal, your child’s drawings, your family photographs. Hanging up precious moments like these add not only colour and texture, but warmth and happiness to your home. If you are after artwork there’s so many places you can get pieces from, such as landscape oil paintings. I’m on the hunt for a sea view. Also keep a look out at charity shops and places like ETSY for little pieces to add to your wall.




Painting walls are something everyone has experience with, but a lot of us don’t look beyond that. In fact, there are lots of areas that can be painted. The ceiling and even the floor are two other areas you can consider, but I like smaller blocks of colour too. You could paint your interior doors or put a new colour on your window frames. I also like seeing even smaller areas painted, like the back of a bookcase or the sides of a cabinet. The door above, I think I’ve posted so many times..If only I didn’t rent. I love the idea of doing this with a nursery or a funky home office. It adds colour, and it will always be a conversation starter.




Once again, I love this idea of adding a little bit of colour on your window frames. It’s rather exotic no? reminds me of beautiful colourful houses in Tuscany in Italy..So warm and bright. Once again though I can’t see my landlord agreeing to this..





Many electronics and appliances come in black or white, or perhaps a steely grey/silver. But I love more colourful items, like pastel coloured kitchen appliances. It can be a bit harder to track down bright things to buy, especially if you’re set on a particular brand or model. Obviously, the colour is much less important than the function. But you can still think about it when you’re looking for new things. Or another way to add colour to your kitchen is washi tape…so easy to use, so many different types..and removes easily so totally renter friendly. I am in love with the fridge above, but as these fridges are totally out of my price range, I find sticking pictures or decorating your fridge with magnets or washi tape, can add lots of colour, without breaking the bank.

Colour should’t be feared. If you are a bit anxious, but want to add that bit of colour, why not start with pastel shades, or the lighter shades of the spectrum. There’s nothing wrong with starting steps.



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