My garage workshop…Inspiration

Ok, so as Arch get’s older, I will be getting back into my little Etsy shop more and more. Working on the signs, furniture and fun little things. But with my office now being half a nursery or more so Archer’s nursery has my desk in it..The idea with our garage is it will be my workshop. Can’t be having paint and tools lying around..hardly baby proof.  So as usual I have been drooling over some garage transformations..and yes my list is never ending of things I want to do around the house. To my inspiration.

Firstly I think it’s of high importance, due to me being lazy and slightly freaked out by spiders that we get a garage door opener fitted. Making simple upgrades like this will ensure that your garage door continues to function well.

When it comes to storing items in your garage, don’t use the floor, get creative. If your looking to use your garage for something in particular think of ways to portray that in your storage ideas.38-garage-clean


If your garage is more for storing gardening and tools use natural products to store them like wicker baskets., I love how well laid out this garage looks! So organised..Plus the chopped wood as a decor item as well as functional.



How amazing does this look, not quite a garage space, but I love the idea of using a garage as a studio. This is actually a photograph of David Hockney’s studio..I just love how messy a studio can be…it’s how artists organise their space. Or I know it’s how I do.


For the bike fanatic, this is a great way to store all your gear, I love how awesome they all look hanging up too!.


I love how this garage has been converted into a studio, the glass door let’s so much light in..ahh I just love it.


home office /Workshop is the idea of what I’m thinking to do with our garage. It has electricity which is super handy, but as it’s not right next to our house, I think more of a workshop… But there are so many fantastic things you can do with your garage; it’s just about thinking outside the box.

If your thinking about the idea of a workshop or office like me…just drool over some of these awesome places and take inspiration.



I just love the amount of texture and colour paired with the concrete grey floors..its very crazy yet industrial at the same time.  I really want a colourful wall hanging.



Storage is pretty important in any office/studio or why not making it fun with colour! I am loving neon right now.



Here’s to one day…no idea sorting out my garage..


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  1. Leanne

    such a great idea to transform your garage, its an entire room that many people forget about and fill with rubbish that never sees the light of day! I love the idea of using lots of shelving and storage from the ceiling, you’d have so much space. good luck with the refurb 🙂 x

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