So with Arch not sleeping, the whole household being ill, and the crazziness which comes with buying a house, I have no energy left at the moment to do anything, so sorry dear readers that I have been neglecting sounds stupid but I just feel like that as soon as we are in the new house, with the office finished…everything will be so much easier…why I don’t know..but I just need to believe that everything will fall into place..ok.

So bar the lack of sleep and the rather large possibility that I may have a stomach ucler due to stress and general lack of energy…yes I’m being is what it is..lets move on….I have had some rather lovely day outings with the family!

 French Toast with nutella and raspberriesGroundworks hitchin good food
Patty and bun aray goldneon sign sexy nuded patty and bun london

We have eaten some pretty intense food! I made French toast with raspberries which looked super pretty…I then drenched it in Nutella which was just insane. Archer enjoyed it too, managing to get Nutella every where..

We did a trip to Hitchin to the same coffee place we did for archers first day out, the food and coffee still being amazing! 
I’ve also spent a bit of time in London, where we are at patty and bun. Quite possibly one of the best burgers I have ever eaten. I also had a grapefruit cocktail which was just to die for. So if you like a burger and don’t mind rustic decor with some added neon lights, I mean how cool is that neon sign?, then head down to Patty and Bun in Soho.

Cool baby ArcherDaddy And ArcherDaddy and archer fun

We try to pack in as much as we can on Richards days off, either going out for the day, swimming, goings for walks. I find archer is easier to occupy when we are on the move. If we stay in, he goes a bit crazy, as seen in the photo above. 

Archer passport photoshoot

Did a little mini shoot for archers passport picture. Decided to put my degree to use instead of spending £14 paying someone else to do it. To behonest it came out really well. I used the large tool of paper we have as a back drop, did but some large windows for natural light, and held a toy above my head to keep archer looking up. Arch looks super cute in them, helps that I wiped his face and put him in some over fancy clothes! 


We went on the swings for the first time…looking rather mismatched as he had already form through 3 outfits by then..and I only had these bits left in the change bag..oh well. Think he’s pulling off the English gentlemen who loves Christmas and sailing look quite well! 

So we celebrated Richards birthday, my cake wasn’t the best, but hey I attempted it in the evening when it had been a pretty long day…tasted good though which is the important thing right? Richard also rather enjoyed his present from Archer..a Lego Wall-e…it’s super cute right? 
I’ll try to post again soon..who knows maybe I can get a streak going.