My little tips for home decor

As I am constantly reinventing my home, there are a few things I like to live by when styling my rooms. The first being light. I have spent the last few months trying to find some curtains for our living room. The ones that came with the house are long and brown..dull or what. Plus they shut out all the light..which I don’t like at all. I’m in the market for some light sheer fabric ones that can give us privacy but light at the same time. I think light is important, especially if you have art or photos up on your wall, natural light is always better.

When we finally decide (and can afford) to take the leap and get our own place I like the idea of custom home design, so I can make sure there’s the right amount of windows. I love the idea of big bay windows with a little seat underneath..aww how cute would that be.

When the sun starts to set early, light becomes even more important. During the day, it is important that you maximise every last drop. Synthetic light, for me, just doesn’t have the same effect as natural light. Draw the curtains wide and don’t close them until the sun has fully set. With this method, you can also heat up your house organically. At night, use lamps and lights to set the tone some lights are stupidly pretty.


I am in love with the lamps on Made. Especially this copper one! Add style and light to your house with this beaut. And it’s only £49.00 for the next 3 days!




How awesome does this lamp look! This would look pretty amazing in my living room! This is from Made too and costs £70.00.


Now I really really love this one! The cute pink with the concrete base…and it’s so pretty! This is from Made too and costs £59.00. I really find myself loving pink at the moment..feeling overly girly right now! 



Finally this pendant light would look amazing in any home…ah I am just in love with it! This costs £69.00 and is from Made too.

I think during the winter sometimes decor goes a miss. Especially plants and flowers, I mean summer and spring is all about the colour and beauty of nature whereas winter is about frosty cold nights, hot chocolate and Christmas. But every girl loves flowers,  and every season can bring a different set of flowers and plants. Just because it’s cold outside you can make it an indian summer inside with colour! Or get in the halloween spirit and have some fun painting pumpkins!! Halloween was never so cute!








Aren’t they super cute? I have plants all over the house, and I am totally going to get a pumpkin while its halloween month!


Photo’s and art. I really do baffle on about gallery walls and such. But owning lots of expensive artwork isn’t a necessity to adding personality and colour to your home. Having pictures of your family, holiday’s or even instagram moments can add colour and fun to your home! Pin your childs artwork up or get it framed, as each little bit is precious and that makes it art to you! Here are some galleries filled with memories instead of expensive artwork.



A fun way to add colour and personality by hanging up your kids artworks. This so sweet and a great idea for when the fridge gets too full!



A mixture of postcards and photographs can really make a room pop. Having photos and pictures fills your home with love and are always great conversation starters.Add an extra elegance by keeping it all black and white!



I can’t wait to do this when Arch starts drawing! It’s such a cute way to display your child’s drawings, each one is a mini masterpiece too! Plus it gives your child a sense of achievement by showcasing their work!


So I find myself writing about decor daily, sorry if you guys are getting bored I’m sure I will do a rant soon! But my list of decor is slowly getting smaller..thought there is still so much to do! I have big plans for our little house and can’t wait to give you guys a tour soon! Plus I have tons of fun DIY’s in the pipeline over the next couple of months coming out!! EEEK then it’s Christmas..and I am stupidly excited about that..but it’s way to soon to start talking about that right?

Anyway I have always been a messy person, but over the last couple of years as I have got more into my decor I have really started getting a bit OCD about certain things. Like I hate clutter and I have this insane regime I do before visitors come over..which is getting more and more difficult with a 11 week old in my arms..So I am slowly getting more and more used to having an explosion of baby items around..slowly.. But I think keeping things clean is a way of taking care of your home, though with kids it can be difficult..I guess you just can’t over think it..or at least that’s what i’m trying to do!

I can’t believe Arch is 11 weeks old today! where has the time gone!! Have a lovely weekend all!