My new dream house want! An Orangery




So when I think of conservatories, I think of the very typical conservatory designs, with the clouded roofs, and for some reason, the wicker sofas and chairs, that your grandparents always had. No just mine? Anyway, while browsing Pinterest, because really I don’t do much else, (wait, bar raising a baby!) I came across a whole new thing that I hadn’t really heard of but had seen a lot of especially in Italy.  An orangery. So if given the choice I totally choose an orangery.

So what are orangery’s I hear you ask. Well, orangeries started in the 17th century as an addition wealthy people would add to their homes. The construct was rather like a greenhouse, but used to grow citrus trees, hence the name. Over time, of course, they were converted and adapted into conservatory type rooms. In fact, conservatories, as we know today, evolved from orangeries.

But I prefer the look of them, and here is why. Although the name has a little bit to do with it!

They are pretty elegant, and I especially love it when one is being used as a dinning area with plants all around like this one below. I mean, picture entertaining your guests with an antipasto spread. Fresh mozzarella, big plum tomatoes fresh Italian meats..even in the UK you could pretend your not in rainy England!




They tend to be larger then a regular conservatory. And this is really useful for someone like me who loves to decorate. I love to experiment with furniture in different areas of the home. I love to choose furniture that will make the home look amazing. And there are so many more possibilities for this with an orangery. It’s large enough for big pieces of furniture, and plants galore too.

When it comes to extensions, something that always needs to be accounted for is the insulation. Bear in mind that this is somewhere that needs to be warm and cosy in the winter. And this is where an orangery conservatory beats a regular conservatory. See, it has much better insulation on account of having walls, as well as windows. This makes for a more comfortable transition into colder climates. But also makes a lovely sun room during the warmer months! Perfect for all those plants.





The last reason being…they are so beautiful! To the point I wouldn’t mind getting married in ones of these, surrounded by beautiful windows filling the room with light, and plants on every surface.



Even in a cold country like England I think having ones of these would be amazing. I’m now picturing beautiful days, and starry nights..while i’m surrounded by plants, and bright eccentric furniture every where, a place to entertain guests! I mean why not? A girl can dream can’t she. Plus look ow warm and inviting this reading nook looks.



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