Ok, so I say routine, it’s been a couple of  weeks, but thinking positive and all that jazz. Archer’s new wake up time is 5, so my new wake up time is now 5. YAY. Seriosuly slowly killing me, but I am striving to get used to being an over-achiever morning person. I mean I found the 6am start a struggle. Let’s just hope it stops at 5am. Seriosuly is this kid even ours? Me and Richard could happily sleep in til 1..not very productive. But hey we are totaly sleep bunnies. And due to Richards shift work, and me being overly awesome/the stay at home mum, Im one up playing trains on the floor at 5 am.

Anyway, this isn’t just my new routine of getting up, I’ve also decided to try and make some use of the early morning rise. So me and Arch have started going out running. I find I need to do something otherwise I’d lay on the couch in a half slumber, which isn’t great for my energy levels, and it tends to lead to Arch sneakily covering him self in pen while I pathetically watch him with one eye closed. So yes we have started running. Well, a jog like jaunt with walking in between.

I got into running the summer before my last year of uni, and got to the point I was able to run for a good 40 mins at a nice pace. Since then I have tried to get back into. Cue a sprained ankle the following year, then cue pregnancy with a bunch of morning sickness next. I got out of running due to a super hectic 3rd year schedule and meeting Richard. I managed to gain a couple of stone in the first 6 months of being with Richard, due to large portions and generally being happy and comfortable. So anyway, back to my morning runs.

I’ve just finished my last run of this week, which was run for 90 seconds walk for 90 seconds x5. But the last run I did for 2 minutes just to see if I was able, as tomorrow its the big run for 2 minutes, walk for 2 minutes. I’m following this program below, but I edited it a little. I started off with week 2 where I took the walk down by 1 minute, and with week 3 I took the walk time down by 90 seconds just to try and improve my recovery time. So I did run 1 minute walk 2 x5, then run 90 seconds walk 90 seconds x5.

So I’ve been running for a couple of weeks, and it’s quite a nice way to start my morning. Though pushing a pram while running is pretty tough. I finish with a  cool down, where I walk home and let Arch out of the pram so he can have a run around too. He seems to enjoy it. Plus there is no way I could run in the middle of the day…you all enjoying the heat wave!!??

Here is the program if you fancy giving it a go.