Ok so me and Richard have sat down and ‘tried’ to work out some sort of system when it comes to getting our house finished…the task at the moment feels neverending..and with a limited budget, we are doing most of the work ourselves. So back to the logic. At the moment the garage is pretty much filled with my office stuff, as well as many corners of the house. So if we get the office finished, we can empty the garage, which will give us a whole space to do all the handy work, which will in turn relieve some of the chaos and DIY paraphernalia thats taking over our home..

So to my office, I want somewhere that’s bursting with energy but also somewhere me and Richard can go chill and relax. With a could also be a little entertaining spot too. So to the moodboard above. Here is a list of my sources of images and products, just before I forget.


Ice Cream Cone Planter  Aww Sam

Fur Throw  Etsy

Sofa  Ikea

Bar Cart  The Every Girl

Hanging Planter  Etsy

Side BoardArchitonic

Ok so I already have the sofa, though it has an older cover on it, hence lots of cushions needed and I also have a unit for the bar cart too. Regarding artworks, I’m always on the look out for new pieces, and want some really interesting ones to keep the creative juices flowing. I’ve brought some already, but I rather like the look of the functional glass art pieces here. It’s totally different and not something I normally go for, but they look so cool. I also kind of want a giant canvas to put up against one of the walls..because you know why not.

I’ve painted the room white, but I’m looking to do a pattern on the back wall..possibly like the confetti one I quickly designed for the moodboard. Because I have the white walls, it’s ok for me to go bright with colour in the accents and furniture. With the art work, ornaments and even my favourite books. But I really like the idea of the back wall, having a pop of colour and being a big feature in the room..what do you guys think?

Now you may be thinking why do you need a bar cart and sofa, isn’t this just another form of procrastination. And, yes yes it is. But the idea behind the office, is that I want it to be somewhere me and Richard can go chill in the summer evenings. Also in my mind it’s safer to have a bar cart in a room Arch won’t really go in, rather then one just in our living room. Hello drunk toddler worry.

To keep me on track with my work, i’ll invest in a cute wall calender, and Richard is currently building me a side board which will run down one length of the office. Perfect for holding all the props and craft tools. My desk is already set up, and I have a chair similar to the one in the moodbaord, but it’s teal..and lacking the pink fur throw…which Im pretty sure I need in my life.  If your thinking well jeez that’s a lot of colour and pattern overload, then is, but remember, I’m pairing the colour with white walls and a bare wood desk. The natural greenery of plants (hello how cute is that ice cream planter DIY??) will help keep the pallette from looking to over colourful. I’ll make it work! But I’m just excited about having somewhere to create, and somewhere to keep the craft explosion mess so my living room doesn’t suffer.

Lastly, I’m on the hunt for some artwork, i’m rather into hand drawn illustrations and typography prints at the moment, so if you have any recommendations leave me a link, or send me an email!


Happy Friday!