My thought’s on pregnancy.



Now I am not going to lie to you, it’s like hard. You know when you see a pregnant women walking down the street, and she’s floating, glamours and growing a person..all lovely and glowing…yeah it’s totally not like that. Unless she’s lucky and has got away with no symptoms at all. Let me just give you a glimpse of the past 22 weeks..Warning, there might be a bit too much information don’t have a go at me if it is…I’ve warned you.

1. My morning sickness consisted of me puking up to 12 times a day. I’ve lost 25 pounds due to this..It also lasted, to this extent, till 16 weeks.

2. The remainder of the 6 weeks has seen my nauseau diminish to know more then 2-4 times a day..

3. Once I was so sick I partially peed myself…in my bathroom..this was like 6 weeks in..and has happened on two more occasions since. Dignity already lost.

4. Due to my lack of food, my hair went limp, and I got a lovely array of spots. Ironic really. Im having a baby, yet reverting back to teenage years at the same time.

5. My appetite was a no go. For 12 weeks I only drank orange flavoured beverages..Fanta and orange squash being a favourite, my food intake..was a nibble of ginger biscuits or steak flavoured crisps. These were the only two things I didn’t throw up, and the odd burger craving popped up every now and then. From 14 weeks, my appetite came back a little but only with certain foods. I had eaten my weight in monster munch and nik naks by week 16.

6. A few other fun symptoms I was blissfully unaware of before pregnancy. Heart burn..all the time. Sore hips and joints. From teenager skin to older age bones, gas, pulling of tummy muscles…I mean one turn in bed equals 5 minutes of excruciating pain. Headaches,migraines,constipation and crying at every advert that comes on tv…constantly. Oh and a new found excitement, trying to get out of bed..I’d describe it being  pretty similar to a turtle stuck on it’s back..and I am only expecting it to get worse..

7. What was I expecting you ask? Being tired, my tummy growing and the odd batch of sickness. How very wrong I was. I also sort of figured I’d have an insatiable appetite but’s the best diet I’ve ever been on.

I am now waiting for my feet to balloon up and the waddle to set in..exciting times ahead.

My midwife said something very profound to me at my 16 week appointment. When discussing my pregnancy so far. She said to me. “Women are like flowers in pregnancy. Some women blossom beautifully, others wilt…I think your a wilter..”

Totally sums it up. Don’t get me wrong I am very much looking forward to meeting our little person..but I suddenly have a lot more respect for my mum and Richards’s mum who went through this four times and at this moment..I thinking this little beaut might be an only child.

P.S some positives of pregnancy? Feeling the baby kick is fricking unreal, baby on board badge is gold dust,  everyone has a new sense of respect for you and your partner has to be extra nice to you, even when you have crazy badass hormones and become a teary eyed paranoid bitch. (sorry about the language).

And finally a last note to say that  here is my upmost respect to anyone who is currently pregnant, ( even the blossoming ones) and to those who have ever had children, Fair play ladies. Fair play.