My darling sister has put me in charge of the blog post today (oh dear)

I thought I would just stick to what I know; which is selfies. I really enjoy the year of the selfies if I’m being honest, I’ve never seen it as being vain (even though it kind of is). People posting pictures of themselves is rather nice, it shows confidence in themselves which sometimes is hard to find. It’s a day brightener to get complimented for how you look, I’m happy to say that. A compliment once in a while can go a long way; people’s words mean more than they think.
(Let me take a second to just to make a point of the words ‘peng’ or ‘fit’ are not compliments.)
Looks are so important in society these days; especially around the teenage years when you don’t know what the hell your body or face is doing; it kind of just does whatever the hell it wants until it finally decides to settle around my age (19 going on 20).
I know I go through phases when I feel like I look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards, so dressing up and taking a nice photo can always stem those thoughts for a while…until the morning after when the make up is smudged around my face and my hair is a birds nest.
Now I went through the awkward phase of not being able to smile properly, which then egged my family to make fun of me, I was the butt of a lot of jokes round the dinner table and was imitated a lot, mostly by my eldest brother, before I was able to perfect my on cue cheesy smile.
He still continues to question why I post so many pictures of myself over Facebook, to which I say, why not? Who is it hurting?
I think selfies are a wonderful thing and if people are really against them then just don’t look at them, it’s simple.
This was my awkward half smile, I’m not even sure what possessed me.
image_1[1] image_2[1]
And this is the face I will pull anytime anyone brings a camera within thirty feet.
I hope you enjoyed my insight to the selfie, maybe I need to stop with talking about it now, I may have exhausted all my knowledge on it!
Enjoy your evening everyone.
Abby x