My Week Away From The Blog.

So some of you may have noticed my break from the blog for the last week and a bit..if you didn’t notice…well…I took a break from the blog.

So After my mums birthday I had an epic stomach bug. The last time I remember being that ill was when I was little…you know the stomach bugs that made there way round school? Anyway I was pretty ill for a good couple of days, and it took me a while to get me out of the post horrific stomach bug funk. So I took a couple of days off, but I am back and there are some things coming up in the next week which I am pretty excited about. But anyway I thought i’d show you my week off in pictures…seriously though how did we survive before camera phones?


So this weekend I went to London with the girls to see Billy Elliot. Bar Abby’s crying and wooing…it was rather good. This is what I ate…here I introduce to you the most expensive burger ever…it was tasty…but £12 for a plain burger…without it pushed the boat my £4 coke didn’t wash it down so well. But hey we were in Victoria, so I shouldn’t be surprised by the prices. But FYI Abby [aid £12 for a salad….a salad…


Look at my Wallace smile..just look at it..I never realised how wide my face can get either…but yes here we are doing a touristy selfie outside Buckingham Palace…I just love the cheese of it all…


It’s been ages since sister selfie, but I rather like this picture..


So before the storm of the stomach bug, we went back for my mum’s birthday and I made her some mini cakes…I am seriously going to give up baking..its stresses me out too much. But I think the cakes went down well. I made the little confetti cakes with a lemon curd filling, and the green ones were a earl grey tea sponge with a mint icing and a macaroon like thing on top…seriously these four little cakes took me all day…and by the end I needed a bath I was so tense..




So this was my get well package from Richard…I couldn’t really eat anything..but it was very much appreciated..seriously..worst two days ever. But gatorade is amazing…like amazing.



So after my weekend of hell, it was nice to spend the weekend with a spontaneous trip back to Essex we were there less then 24 hours, but a quick snap by the beach and a meal out, made me forget the nightmare of the stomach bug escapade.


Once my appetite was back..banana milkshake it was…this was soooo good..



And the weekend spent with Richard was nice..lazing in bed, tea in hand..perfection.

So that was my week…totally different stages throughout..but I  missed the blog, though I think I needed it..otherwise you may have had some weird ass posts…I was totally out of it for a few days..

But I’m back….