So I was so excited to receive two prints in the post today which we brought off an Etsy shop called Berkley Illustrations. They are just so brilliantly awesome I am just in awe. To put it simply, their illustrations make me very happy. Just go and check out their shop. I challenge you not to be smiling after 10 seconds. Anyway, excuse the crappy iphone pictures, they do not do these justice but here are our latest editions for our gallery wall.



 I mean, just look at them? Genius no? The variety they do is insane, me and Richard spent a good hour choosing between the sloth and the otter. We have already decided on the next two that we want..or maybe four..

So a bit more about the designs. Done by a partnership of Ryan and Lucy Berkley. Ryan being the artist behind these beauts which are all hand drawn in markers and coloured pencils and Lucy being the soul of the animals creating the different persona’s.  These two have created a world of imagination which can be enjoyed by all ages.

Regarding sizes we went for 5 X 7 but depending on the print you go for you can also get 8 X 10 and 11 X 14. They are such a bargain too, our prints cost us £6.10 each and with £6.10 postage, with each additional item only costing 91p, it didn’t break the bank even though it was coming from the States.

Another little thing you get with each print is a little bio of the character, which I love.


So here are our bio’s.


For the lady Sloth

This crafty sloth is an expert at crochet. She has been crocheting her entire life, utilizing her grandmother’s technique of using her own claws instead of needles. If you commission her to make you a scarf, it will be worth the (extraordinarily long) wait.


For Mr Shark

Once a popular jazz pianist, this shark has most recently become a song and dance showman. His voice has been described as “a cross between Louis Armstrong and Kenny Rogers”. Unfortunately his fierce temper has limited his gigs to biker bars and convict picnics.


My next step is to find a creative way to frame these beauties with their little bios next to them. Any ideas do leave a comment.

I am now waiting on the day that they might do a flamingo??  who knows.


And they also do a few other little things like bottle openers, buttons and magnets.


So yes go take a look! and happy Tuesday all x (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

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