So as I put in our resolutions post, read it here, if you haven’t already, I am trying really hard to make new habits stick. I am ones of those people who have never been a domestic goddess. I am not someone who can effortlessly do a trillion things at once, as well as keeping the house clean, organised and up-to-date while running a new business. In my life something has to give until I  find a balance. And at the moment that’s our house.

So a quick little bit about our house. We rent a two bed cottage, it’s very old, very quirky and like old cottages, its shaped weirdly but beautifully. we have three radiators in our house all placed awkwardly, so it’s pretty cold. But we love it. It has original wooden floors, lots of random cupboards, and its our first place we have lived together, just us two. So it’s pretty special, and I want it to look good. We have been here for a year, and I am constantly re-arranging the place to make use of the small space we have. While I have been setting up the spare room to be our new office, exciting stuff, images to come soon, our bedroom has become a dumping ground of bags and random objects yet to be homed. I own a lot of stuff. I have collected a lot of things over the years, odd pieces of furniture, vintage shoes and bags, art supplies galore and clothes. So many clothes and so many ball gowns. Before you ask I haven’t been to a ball. But I am prepared just incase…. Much to Richards annoyance. He hates clutter, and our house is bursting at the seams full of it.

I have set myself a mission to finish this marathon project by tomorrow lunch time. As it is rented, we all know the limitations but I will try to create a bedroom haven for me and Richard. Including finding somewhere for Richards Iron Man painting to go. Here is just a snippet of the before images.


Warning! The following images may cause offence to the immaculate housewife. And my mother.

bedroom-a bedroom-b


Now I am quite embarrassed by these pictures, but I know or hope that there are more of you out there who struggle to keep on top of everything, or if you are a domestic goddess do share your secrets.

Here it goes. Happy Monday everyone. Wish me luck