Every year, like the majority of people, I write a list of things I hope to achieve that year. It is the usual things, go on a diet, be more pro-active, take more pictures, read more books. The bog standard resolutions people make, and quite often not surprisingly I fail. Every year. I last about two months then I hit a wall. I want this year to be different. I launched a mini business in November with my partner Richard, selling a variety of hand crafted and vintage items. Our Etsy shop is here. But we both wanted to start a blog, documenting our passions, inspirations and journey of overcoming the anti-resolutions. So here are our aims and goals for 2014.


Become fit and healthy. I am not putting down to diet and lose weight, because in my mind I am setting myself up to fail. But to make healthier choices is something I feel I could work on. Richard for moral support, is also doing this..

Read more books. I am one of those people who will read for hours at a time on holiday, as I find it relaxing, but during the rest of the year it gets pushed aside. I have a mini library in my home, of which there is a mile long list of books I have yet to read. So if I succeed, expect book reviews…Or at least bullet points.

Be more pro-active in my day to day life. Aka. limit myself to just 20 minutes on Pinterest a day. We have all been there, you pop on then boom, 2 hours have gone by. Keep the website and blog updated with interesting things to keep our readers ( if there are any of you out there) entertained.

Learn at least two new skills this year, more if funds allow it.

Richard will be trying out a new recipe a week, from various sources. Blog posts to follow. This could either help or crush the healthy eating.

Do a DIY craft project at least once a month, so our house is full of fantastic home made items and we become a mini Kirstie Allsopp.


It could be that I am setting us both up to fail, posting this on our blog sets it in stone, if it seems like we are failing do chime in, I’d like to hear some of your resolutions and perhaps we could help each other?


On that note, we would like to wish you all a Happy New Year from us at Wooden flamingo.