With children and day-to-day life, it’s inevitable that our homes will not always be tidy and showhome worthy, or if like my home, never. Having a baby, somehow seems to double the amount of things we have in our home. So Archer’s stuff plus all of my crap things, and the odd box of things that’s Richards..leaves our home super cluttered. There’s a possible chance I’m bordering on becoming a hoarder..but with our new house enough is enough.

So although we have a lot of things, in the past I have always known where certain things are..but not with this house. Because it needs so much work and we are pretty much doing a room at a time in regards to big jobs, I still have 2 full room of boxes, and still clutter everywhere which hasn’t found its place yet. But I’m on a mission to sort everything. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the task at hand. So I’m trying to tackle the decluttering and sorting in a different way. I’m doing bursts of five minutes each day, and combatting one cupboard or draw at a time. Little and often can be the biggest and easiest way to begin decluttering your home once and for all. Some people also consider getting themselves a bag and walking round filling it each day.

I’ve done so many trips to the tip and charity shop, to get rid of my items in a more eco friendly way. One of the things I love about the tip is if something is usable, you can leave it on the side so someone else can pick it up. I also use freecycle a lot too, so handy!

Let’s be honest, everyone would love to be that person whose house is always spotless, their kids are always polite neatly dressed who calmy play with 1 toy at a time, if you’re this women seriously share your secret,  but some of us have wild kids, and cleaning the house to an inch of its life just isn’t an option. But I try to do a few specific job everyday. I’ve started making my bed each morning (apparently this is a good habit to get into) I do a wash every day and empty/fill the dishwasher. My evening chores after Arch is sound asleep, is putting the toys away, straightening up the livingroom which normally involves hoovering and washing the bottles…then I work..Investing in heavy-duty cleaning products and appliances like Vacuum Fox can make a big impact. Specifically, to the length of time you spend doing those chores. Oh for a super vacuum..or just a maid.

Toys. Toys are just everywhere. I actually put away a few of the toys Arch was given for his birthday, I get them out if he’s poorly or it’s a rainy day Because to him its new toys. Also having tons of toys can be overwhelming sometimes I think and they end up getting everything out but then playing with the same few favourite toys.  Decluttering the toys is always a good idea, I went through Archer’s toy and got rid of some and gave them to charity, which i felt he had grown out of. Archer also have pretty much the entire bottom row of our bookshelf for his big toys and book so at the end of each night they go away nicely in a certain space. When boredom strikes, switch the toys around.

Another issue in our home is all the little nik naks, and pretty things that I like to have on display. But making a conscious decision to only display certain things can make a room appear lighter and less cluttered…but making the decision on what things is the hard bit. So I just plan to add more shelves around my home so I can create the perfect shelfie.


Here is to a less cluttered home.

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