So next week me and Richard are off to Poland for a couple of days minus Arch. It was a surprise from Richard to me for our 5 year anniversary/ say I’m excited is an understatement. Though I know I’m going to miss Arch crazy amounts. I miss him when he’s been with the grandparents for a day, so being out the country is going to be a big step…but I’m so looking forward to spending some time with Richard and exploring a new city!

So we are off to Warsaw, and super lucky that a friend of Richards is letting us stay at their place, saving us a bunch of money, which will probably be spent at the Christmas market!

Something you forget when you have kids, is the idea of both parents leaving the house after 7…we don’t have family near by, and I feel Arch is a little young to be left with a babysitter, which means most evenings me and Richard stay in…so just the idea of going out in the evenings, eating out past 6…walking and exploring..I seriosuly can not wait! If any of you have any advice or suggestions drop me an email. I know we are pretty close to Old Town Market Place , and I’ve done quite a bit of pinning to find some good spots, but any recommendations welcome.

My next mission is to pack for both of us, for 2 days, in a cold country, with no checked in pretty much in 2 back packs..


wish me luck!