Office ideas for renters

You might remember that I recently wrote a post about doing up my spare bedroom and turning it into a nursery/home office. Arch is 9 weeks today, I have no idea where that time has gone, and altthough he’s in our room at the moment, it won’t be long til hes in his own. So i’m under the pressure to sort out my office side, and finish the little details in his. SO here are my tips for your office..that I am currently working on with mine.

If the walls of your new office are a little grimy, but you are unable to paint them, consider cleaning them. Believe it or not, washing your walls can make a big difference to how smart they look, plus this is a must if you have a new baby, just to make sure there aren’t any nasties lurking anywhere. If you rent be careful what you use to wash your walls as depending on the type of paint, it may peel off.

If your landlord is open to you making minor changes to your home, consider adding an accent wall. This will not only brighten the place up, but it will also add style to the space. If you do decide to add an accent wall, don’t opt for a colour that’s too dark. Otherwise, if you ever decide to move out, it will be incredibly hard to cover up. If the landlord isn’t appreciative of your decor needs removable wallpaper is super easy and a super renter friendly alternative.


I love the statement wall in this office, and it contrasts so beautifully with the bright red. I’m also enjoying the patriotic colour theme. Red white and blue..and also how gorgeous is that chair. This is an example of removable paper…awesome right?

There’s so many places now that you can get removable wallpaper and decals. One being Etsy. It’s where I got our polka dots from, and the variety on there is crazy. I am loving the palm leaf effect below.



For a classic look which goes great against bold colours, this palm leaf patten is great for a sophisticated office. This is from Livettes, Etsy and costs £23.00.

A great way to add style to your home office in a rental property is by investing in the perfect pieces of furniture. Think about the type of office design that you want – chic, colourful or simple, and choose furniture that works well with that theme.if you want a theme that’s bright and full of colour, make sure to check out the range of furniture on offer from Ian Snow furniture. You should find lots of bright designs on offer in this range, many of which are ideal for using in your home office. P.S there side tables are to die for!

In any home office, the desk should always be the focal point of the room. So when it comes to picking the perfect desk, make sure to think things through and choose the perfect one. As well as thinking about the style and design, including the shape, it’s also important to think about size. Ask yourself how large your desk needs to be. If you opt for a desk design that’s too small, you are going to struggle to be able to use it to work properly. So it’s crucial that you are choosy when it comes to picking a desk for your office.


Glamour Ikea 133_525Source.

I love how modern this office looks with the simple white desk paired with the colourful display of boxes. This is a great way to add colour to your office too without painting. A perfect alternative for renters.


This office has gone for a more elegant approach, with the grand white desk and gold details. Also I love the plush ghost chair too..Once you ahve the desk, you can have fun adding little bits too it.

How you accessorise your office can help you be proactive. If your space is inspiring, you wil be inspired. It’s amazing how a few simple accessories can make all the difference to the look and feel of a room. The type of accessories you opt for will depend on the style that you are designing your office in. However, things like table lamps, wall art, desk items, and candles are must-haves. Well for my office they are, anyway.


This office has a very fun artistic feel to it, the little bits here and there are what make it. I love the array of pictures pinned on the wall, and the many different ceramics pieces. Plus who deosn’t love a pom pom garland.

Now to some cute things for your desk!! All from Anthropologie..because well I just love that shop!



If you don’t want to buy pieces of art work but still want colour on your walls. This box of pattern and colour postcards are a great way to add some style to your desk. Put them in a frame, pin them up with washi tape or just have them casually sprawled across your desk. Either way they are bound to make your desk stylish and inspiring. Costing £14.99…these are on my wishlist!


To keep you proactive, and to maange your time on facebook…what better way to do this then a funky clock! Costing £22.00.


Cute tape to tape up your postcards or if your like me, to make your diary cute and organised….this is obviosuly a neccessity. Costing £12.00.



Nothing screams elegance then a dalmation stapler. Everyone needs one of these in there life. Costing £20.00.

Once my nursery/office is finished/baby proofed I will for sure do a post, but until then I think I need to buy some cute office supplies…hello dalmation stapler and postcards…