So we have been trying for quite a while to turn our spare room into a little office. Wooden Flamingo head quarters if you will. Well it’s getting there. One of the shelves is finished, and I am just waiting for Richard to complete the second one for all my magazines. Richard has found a way to hang up shelves which is a bit more rent friendly. We will post the process of the rent friendly shelf soon.

So I have been searching the wonderful world of Pinterest to get some inspiration, adding to my ever-growing wish list dramatically. And as the weather is starting to warm up, I can buy some more plants for indoors. (I have had a few death’s due to our damp house and me water logging the plants…).  But it’s Spring and I am loving the sunshine and my new plants will love the sunshine..

So here are my favourite Office pins.


I love the decorated twigs and the old-fashioned ink bottle vase.  Image from Apartment Therapy Workspace tours, From a creative collective in Atwater Village.


I have tons of colourful pens and such, I really like how these are displayed in vases.  Check out the rest of the post at Apartment Therapy here.


This is the cutest office space ever. I love that everywhere you look there’s something going on. Shame I rent, otherwise I would paint polka dots on my door, also maybe my ceiling..floors. Everywhere. This is Nikki’s Sweet and Cheery print studio. Visual tour at Apartment Therapy.


I love the industrial look mixed with all the patterns and plants in this studio. I want lots of plants in our office. But they can be quite expensive. I have brought some cactus and succulent seeds. Might take a while but maybe this time next year, my office will be filled with green. This is another tour from Apartment Therapy of Underwood Letterpress and Flipbooth creative hub.

I got all these images from Pinterest which then Linked back to Apartment Therapy. It’s a great place to find inspiration from DIY projects, to product reviews and house ad studio tours. Check it out here.

I really want to get a sofa too. I am searching Freecycle websites to try to find a basic one I can re-cover. I want a space that has our books in, which is colourful, bright and welcoming. Our own little Flamingo headquarters. We do a lot of the practical stuff at Richards office and workshop. I have a little desk there, but I think having somewhere to work at home is important. So when we are blogging and designing our products, or sewing we have a little place to go just for that. I hate having to do my work in the lounge or on the sofa, not only does it clutter my entire house because I leave a trail of destruction, but it’s hard to relax when you can see a project that’s not quite right sitting next to you. We all need some down time.

If you have a home office, link us to some pictures. I am still on the look out for tons more inspiration. Also if you have any rent friendly tips for decorating let us know..I am totally board of magnolia now. Fingers crossed if we stay here I can paint it white.

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Enjoy your Friday all and have a good weekend.