Office make over project, trying out a new renters fix

Ok so I did it. I took the plunge and brought some polka dot decals, removable ones..don’t worry I am doing a test first. I have put one spot behind the door, in a place where if it completely ruins the wall, my attempts to fix it won’t be noticeable that much…well hopefully..




So my plan is, to leave the decal on for a couple of weeks, while I sort the office out. As you will see in a minute it needs a lot of work. Then I will do the experiment of taking it off to see if it does what it says. I will sacrifice my ugly magnolia walls for you dear readers. In the hope that one day we can banish the plain ugly magnolia. #nomoremagnolia. But you know what, it’s only one dot but I am already loving the new improved small patch of wall..

OK so are you ready to see the awesomeness that is my office space at the moment..just remember the potential, look past the mess..


Ok so I like to think that everyone has that one room which takes ages to finish when you just move in. Come on it can’t just be me..Anyway I am giving myself two weeks to try and sort out this room, once the room is finished I remove my decal, to make sure the damage is none existent then I will start my polka dot mural which will go behind my desk. In that corner if you can picture it… Add a rug, hang up some pictures (with a new renting fix) and hopefully it will start to take shape.

I have plans for the other half of the room…which I am still debating, I think I may reveal the plans in a month or so.. Don’t worry my office half will hopefully be revealed in a couple of weeks but the rest in a month depending on what I end up deciding to do..might be a guest room or a little studio…who knows..

Ok so I already had most of the furniture for my office already, as I had a pretty neat office in my old the mould, you can see it here. But I did decide to invest in a bit more storage..and where is one of the best places to get cheap storage…Ikea.


Ok so get this here, it cost £75 but it’s a really good size, plus I got some little draw like boxes for the bottom of it too. I have seen so many of these on various blogs, I think the best thing  is that its so versatile, you can literally put anything on it. It’s white, clean and well its a giant cube. It’s no lie that I have tons of books, but I like the idea of clumping items together, I am a big believer of showing off your clutter…nicely, and this storage system does that. Well to say the least, I am pretty excited about organising this beauty…

Hope you all had a good weekend!