Hey guys, so following my moodboard that I did the other day for my office, I’m trying to decide how to do the statement back wall. Firstly excuse the photo quality, my camera is still broken, so this is an iphone picture. Also the mess, but hey I’m sorting out my office so yeah. So while trying to come up with an idea, I came up with loads..crazy right, but I narrowed it down and I need your guys help….thoughts guys thoughts?

I’ve put the patterns down below to get a better idea.



See I love the idea of doing this, as it would be like having a wall covered in rainbow hundreds and thousands…fun but it might make me want to eat my weight in cake everyday…circle-confetti-pattern-1


So this is Richard’s favourite one, i really like the triangle confetti it reminds me of 90’s beach huts..



I have a piece of art work like this, and well if you follow me on instagram you will know that I’m crushing on the grid pattern quite hard at the moment. Plus this just reminds me of Hockney’s work too…. pretty pretty pink.



And the first design I did. I love the strong green with the confetti accents..but it is only half the wall…ahh I dont know guys!! Help! I’m leaning towards the giant light teal circle.