Old boring coat rack upcycled with gold and pastel colours


So I am slowly getting through my list, and I wouldn’t be me if my list wasn’t completely outrageous with upcycling and DIY projects to go along with the standard nesting of cleaning and re-arranging. But anyway to this little project, which took me a couple of hours. It’s so easy and everyone has one of  lying around. If not they are super cheap to buy.  I’ve had this since uni, and I probably got it from ASDA or Ikea, I can’t imagine it costing more then £5. But i’ve never liked it, it’s always looked rather blah so I thought well lets change it. Using gold spray paint and house paint I had lying around, I spruced it up so quickly and super excited with how it turned out.


See what I mean? Looks boring no? Ok so I unscrewed the hooks so I could spray paint the backing, then I found it easier to paint the ball hooks while they were screwed on. It’s as simple as that!



It was really simple to take it apart…honestly if I can do it anyone can and most coat racks come with the hooks simply screwed in.



Plus, I love how sunny it’s been,so there was no excuse for me not to do this yesterday with the weather being so lovely.

So here is the finished outcome. Gold with pastel colours…makes it look a lot more expensive then it ever was!



And it really was so easy. So why not spruce up some items in your home like your coat rack?


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