Since having Arch, I’ve suddenly become more aware of the dangers around my little family, crazy paranoid new mum I know, but having kids changes you!

To the point I even searched online for specialists who provide wrought iron gates. When we buy a house! I’m totally thinking about investing in some! As strange as it sounds, or even slightly extreme I think it’s something that could de-stress and make your life simpler.

motion-sensor alarm is always an option too if your worried about security and the gates just don’t seem appealing to you!

So now we are over my crazy paranoid security issues. Let’s talk about what I think of the BIG items we brought for Arch.

Ok the inner engineer in Richard, went into uber geek mode when we were looking at prams and car seats. To the point we tried out at least 50 different prams and he read endless reviews on each one.

So what were our credentials? Well we needed a pram that ideally had the adjustable length bar which you use to push. With Richard being 6ft 3 this was kind of a must and  we wanted a pram that wasn’t too heavy or bulky, as we do a lot of long distances to see family, and we already know how much stuff you take with a baby as it is!

We weren’t too bothered about getting a travel system, as we had already decided on getting a car seat that was an anchor isofix one, which adapts through out the ages. Although we did end up getting a car seat adaptor for the Pram and a second hand car seat for me to use for it.

It might sound stupid, but when your looking to buy a pram, you need to think of the silly bits. Richard right up said no about a pram which looked awesome, pushed nicely and was light, purely because he said the buckle was too fiddiliy. Sounds stupid, but it makes a difference. If you think that your putting your child in and out of the pram a few times of a day, having a buckle that’s simple to do makes your life a hell of a lot easier. Especially if your 6 month old likes to wiggle all over the place!

So to our pram! After much deliberation we went for the Mama’s and Papa’s armadillo XT.

So we got this exact model, the navy blue with the brown leather trim. This costs £499. Now apparently your little one can go in this straight from birth, as the back reclines all the way down, and with a foot muff ( like a sleeping bag) they will be all snuggled up.

I didn’t like this idea so much so we also brought the carry cot which fits on this model for an extra £169
Now the features we loved with this pram, was that it adapts to the age of your child, the back can recline all the way down making it flat, and sit right up for when your child is older. The bars are reversible so that you can see your baby when they are young, and then have them facing outwards when they are 2/3 so that they can see everything. The buckle is super simple, it’s folds down to be as flat as a pancake and it doesn’t way a ton! Plus it comes it lots of bright colours too!

It’s a dream to push, honestly I got the seal of approval from my mum, who babysits most of her grandkids, and our pram is her favourite to push!

Now we looked at some main brands like silver cross and we just didn’t like how bulky they were, plus for the extra price tag I didn’t see any point in getting a pram that was a bitch to push!

All I would say about buying a pram, is that don’t just go on how it looks. Because believe me, when your trying to shove your pram in the boot while it’s tipping it down and you have a screaming baby in the car. You want it to be as hassle free as possible!

Ok to our main car seat! We went for a I-anchor joie car seat. Like I said we do a lot of long distances to visit family, we decided that getting an anchor isofix car seat base was our ideal choice for safety and reassurance. There’s no problem with strapping your car seat in, it’s just we liked the idea of having this base which is secured to the car, and the seat just clicks in! It’s pretty handy in a rush too! As there’s no messing around with seat belts.

Ok so this is the car seat. We got ours in red and for a hell of a lot cheaper because apparently red isn’t a popular colour choice. All I’m going to say, is that if your not bothered about colour shop around for your car seat of choice. We waited until I was about 7 months pregnant, when there was finally a deal and we ended up getting it £50 cheaper at the time just because we weren’t bothered about the colour!

So this is what the anchor base looks like. As you can see the anchor goes straight down to the floor. And the base can either be strapped in, or clipped into isofix! It’s sturdy as anything! So our car seat can be rear facing and front, and by taking out extra padding and then the back can be adapted, so Arch can use it up until he is 4!
Now finally to our monitor! We originally went for the model down from this, but after we had paid and they realised they were out of stock, they offered us the upgrade. So we went for the Angelcare Video with Movement and Sound Monitor AC1100

Now what sold me to this, was the motion sensor pad that you put under your babies mattress. Make sure you check your mattress is compatible! But this will let you know the temp of the room and if your baby stops moving for 20 seconds a little alarm goes off! So I was pretty happy not needing the video and just having this and the monitor, but the video came in the upgrade. I have to say it’s quite nice and reassuring being able to see Arch, though you can get a bit obsessed. We haven’t tried the sensor pad just yet, as we are waiting until he is in his own room. But you can set a limit of temperature  to warn you if the room is getting too warm or cold!
It’s pretty nifty! I’ll let you know how it goes when he’s in his own room!
Lots of tech stuff but hopefully you have grab some tips from this, as when it comes to buying the big stuff erase arch is a must!