Our first 6 weeks of being parents

I can’t believe that Arch will be 7 weeks old tomorrow. It’s crazy how quickly its gone especially as the last 4 weeks of pregnancy took forever. So what have we learnt in nearly 7 weeks? You can’t panic about every little thing otherwise you will just go insane. Checking he’s breathing  every 10 minutes slowly gets better, it’s now every 30 minutes. Colic sucks but their first smile is amazing!!


It’s so nice having friends with babies that are the same age. Here we have Arch (being superman) Edie and Alfie. I met Sophie and Claire at NCT and it’s honestly the best thing I have ever done. My social life is more hectic with a baby then it ever was at uni. I have a class or club everyday..and don’t forget all the cake. There’s always cake.


Now I may have mum’s all over the world going oh god what have you started, or a hell yeah we have been there. But most mornings, Arch after he has had his 5 am feed will not go back down in his basket. It’s as if he know it’s day light and so wants to be cuddled and fall asleep in our arms. So I bring him into bed with me, and we have our morning snuggles. It’s lovely and perfect..


So we actually managed to capture one of Archer’s first smiles, was so super special. Especially as his Godmother Letty and Richard were around to see him do it..and I am 50% sure it was a genuine smile and not just wind.



Arch looking at his crazy godmother Letty. It was shortly after this was taken that Arch smiled for the first time..Letty spends the whole time speaking French to Arch…He’s already so cultured!



To anyone expecting, this is one of the best bits about having a baby. Just how cute they are as you watch them grow. Arch is hilarious, and I love this picture…I’m not ashamed to admit i’ve probably taken like 500 pictures of him already..he’s just too cute. What can I say. Plus I like how he looks like a Star Wars character here…starting him young! Just you wait till halloween. I’m torn between baby yoda or an ewok.

So what we have learnt about Arch.

He’s ticklish on his tummy and particularly on the corners of his mouth (see the video, and that’s totally a giggle, not just wind)

He’s super awake from 10-11..pm. It’s like he likes to have a dance party.

He snores..which is surprisingly comforting at night..

He’s not fond of baths, having his nappy changed or generally being naked.

His favourite toy is Jeff the giraffe.

He tries to do press ups..he’s way to strong already.

He loves snuggles with his daddy in the evenings.

Sorry to bombard you all with baby pictures..but thought i’d give you all an update!

Archer giggiling