So our garden needs a lot of work, and I’ve come to piece with the fact that I’m not really going to have many flowers and plants this year, as by the time we have sorted it, it will probably be the end of the year…and not the best time for sowing seeds. So let me give you a rough idea of our garden. 

When we moved in we had no grass anywhere, just paving slabs decking and stones. So many stones…it’s so annoying. But we decided to put some turf down over some of the paving, which was probably the best idea we have had as arch crawls in and out of the patio door, and generally loves being outside. So the turf is much softer on his little knees. 

Anyway. To our main plan. We will end up painting the decking, and my idea is to do a vertical garden on the garage to cover up the ugly pebbledash effect! So here are some awesome ideas of vertical gardens.

I love love love this one. It just looks amazing, I’m wondering how much care it would need though? 


Although effective, I can imagine this costing a bomb, and being hard to maintain.. Awesome though no? 


And we have the simpler route like these three above. Having vertical planter boxes, is a great way to do this idea on a budget. Filling the boxes with different flowers, herbs or plants and spotting them around where you like! 

Now regarding our decking, you might be thinking why paint it? Well apart from the fact I spilt a ton of white paint on it already, it’s needs freshening up. But I want our garden to be awesome..somewhere to chill on those fees day we get good weather! 


I love the idea of having a really cosy outdoor area. This is where living somewhere warm like LA would be more appropriate, then our little old rainy England. 


Another way to enjoy your garden in the summer is to have a barbecue in it. They are ideal for social gatherings and family get-togethers. Plus, it means you’ll enjoy your food more if it gets cooked over an outdoor fire!

We brought a BBQ in the end, but Richards has always wanted to build one. If you do build one make sure you get the right logs for a strong continuous flame. 

Infographic Credit To Certainly Wood