Our last couple of weeks in pictures

So I know I have been MIA, due to have the cuteness that is Mr Archer Sanders. But I thought I’d share with you some pictures from the last couple of weeks, warning there are a few baby ones..just a few..ok so it may be entirely pregnancy and baby related..but lets be honest the last month has been very baby related.

It’s kind of crazy not being pregnant, though I am not missing throwing up every day. Although my belly now feels and looks like a deflated balloon, but hey, I have a bundle of cuteness to show for it. Archer is 11 days old, and I have no idea where the time has gone…but me and Richard find ourselves slowly getting into a routine, as I sit writing this Archie is fast asleep on his daddy. Perfectly peaceful.

So to some pictures!


Date night, this was our last proper date night, we went for a curry..you know to try and kickstart my labour…it didn’t work…nothing really ended up working…Archie had to be evicted..



My full term bump…my midwife was convinced I was having a big 9 lb baby..thankfully Archie was only 8 lb 1.  it’s weird not having my bump anymore, but I enjoy having the ability to get out of bed nice and easily.



Our scrummy little man. My first picture of him. Perfection. Here he is an hour old..1 hour…crazy they let you hold and keep and baby that tiny.



I will do a post on my labour and on our first few days with Archie as they weren’t the easiest. He was a little poorly and this picture was taken when we finally made it home. It’s quite possibly one of my most favourite pictures ever..My little family.


It could be the lack of sleep, but me and Richard are enjoying the funny positions and faces our little man seems to come up with. I honestly think I’ll end up doing a little gallery wall project of the many faces of Archie. I call this one…You talking to me?


Getting ready for bedtime..sorry this is probably a massive overload of baby pictures..but I did warn you…


So I did a first aid course on Saturday…it honestly terrified me, I don’t think I even remember exactly what I am meant to do in a mergence. Luckily it came with a poster that I will be putting up in the nursery. But it’s always good to be prepared.



Joint nap time. Baby Archie on mummy, with daddy on the floor. I think this picture sums up parenthood quite well…but he’s totally worth it.


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  1. Jasmine

    Never too many baby photos, it really makes me so happy to see them. 🙂 You are such a lucky lady!

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