Ok so we finally have internet (yay), and i’m back on the blogging wagon. The house is coming along slowly, and now we have had Archer’s 1 st birthday, we can slow down the renovations a little. I’ll do a post on Archer’s birthday sometime this week.

Anyway I thought I’d show you a few before pictures of the house. We have only been here a month, so decorating is taking it’s time. Plus I want to have the rooms finished and dressed before showing you them. Archer’s room is pretty much there, so hopefully that will be up on the blog sometime next week.


Ok, so the house is a 3 bed, attached. It also has a garage and an outbuilding which came with a hot tub. Yes a hot tub..which we are getting rid of… I know I know why would we get rid of it. But to behonest, with looking after a 1 year old, and with Richard working shifts, I just don’t have the time. Plus it’s really high maintenance and I want an office. Anyway so above is our spare room. It’s a large single which could fit a double. but probably not much else. The people before us had a thing for overed patterned wallpaper. To the point it was on one wall in every room, and all up the stairs..great stuff.



Our living room. This is what really sold me to the house, its big with big windows either end, and it had tons of potential..at least it now does now we have gotten rid of the old carpet. Turns out the owner had like 4 dogs…who werent let out much. After trying to rud doctor it and getting a bin bag full of dog hair, we decided it was a gross lost cause and so got some new carpet. We have quite big plans for the flooring in the living rom, but the carpet was needed as a temporary flooring.There’s one thing that I hate about this house, which sadly is an expensive fix. Spot lights…I love a good light fitting or lamp shade and all the rooms downstairs are spot lights…ode to a gorgoeous pendant light..


Our kitchen. Sorry about the mess..well not really I mean come on we just moved in. Anyway this is our kitchen, it’s a really good size especially as all our kitchens in the past have been tiny, like 2 people can just fit tiny.


Our hallway, which has 2 cupboards and a downstairs toilet..the toilet pretty much needs all new plumbing because the guy who lived here before us thought he could do DIY… He can’t.


Ok so this is our bedroom, once again quite bold wall paper, also that love sign came with the house..no offence to people who like this stuff but I kind of hate it and Richard keeps re hanging it up to annoy me.  We are lucky because I think the house is an ex council house so the room sizes are a really good size, with big windows.




Archer’s room, not really the best picture, but here’s another example of the rather bold wallpaper. His room has lots of light, and it’s a really good size..which this photo doesn’t really show. Sorry Archer’s room was the first one we got painted, so he could move in without any fumes. It’s so nearly done though!


I’ll do a post on the rest of the house, like the bathrooms and out building another time. I’ve had a really hectic month trying to get the downstairs livable for Archer’s birthday. Read about it tomorrow!