The lack of wifi is refreshing, but makes it slightly more difficult to blog, so apologies for the lack of blogging. But I am having a wonderful, if not adventurous time.


But to our night in Rome, So you have seen where we stayed. Which is a little place called CharmSuite, and I really can’t rave more about this place. It was amazing.

We were right by the river, which was nice to walk by, and we used it as our guidance when navigating. Firstly we went to the Spanish steps, where sadly the fountain was being renovated, but enjoyed looking in all the posh shops, pretending I could afford everything, when in reality a key ring would have pushed the budget.

Boat, Italy

Then we made our way to the Trevi Fountain, that too was being renovated, bad day for fountains no less. I was particularly gutted more by the latter one, as I remember three years wishing for love..haha corny but I kind of  wanted to say thanks as I met Richard 3 months later. (totally works).


So we made our way to the Pantheon. This place is amazing, I go here every time we go to Rome just because I love it.



Raphael's tomb, Patheon, Italy


The ceiling is amazing, and the whole atmosphere, if not overcrowded with tourists, is lovely. Raphael’s tomb above, this just blows my mind, every time.

Also by the Pantheon is one of the best ice-cream places, with the most bizarre flavours, last time I was there viagra was a flavour sporting a bright blue colour…who knows, I didn’t see anyone dare try it haha! but this time I went for Profiterole, so, good.

Ice cream,Italy


So hard to eat ice cream quickly, especially when theres this much to eat. My other flavour was pistachio and Richard went for Bounty, I couldn’t finish mine so Richard enjoyed being covered in sprinkles while polishing off mine. We ate antipasto for lunch, which being me I didn’t take a picture of. Typical I know.

I got a few pictures of dinner, which was amazing, guess you can’t go to Italy and not try some local pizza. This place was full of Italians too which I always take as a good sign.

Beer, Litre Italy


Standard size beer, Richard was pretty hammered after this, but typical Italian beer…when in Rome.




Me, Italy rome


Looking rosy, was very warm. wearing my little silver number, I love this dress it’s soo comfy, and it kind of looks like lingerie, but suitable to wear out you know…

Pizza, Italy

Pizza, bread and some of the best olive oil I have ever tasted, perfect way to end our night in Rome.


Richard, Italy


Richard looking dashing sporting a light cotton shirt from Next. Are we enjoying my little bits of fashion snippets. It was warm so excuse the hair…




Espresso, italy rome



We ended the night by finding a quiet little cafe for an espresso and cheesecake (which the guy kindly cut in half). This espresso was amazing, and so far has been the best one I have had.

Anyway, sorry for the late post!!


speak soon