So I decided to do a post of the rest of my photos from Italy, I have tried filter then as much as possible as so not to bore you all!!

Out house, Italy The house The house 2 Italy

Where we stayed, this is the main house, with one of the out house’s above. We let Abby and Max have one of the out houses, while Ben, Tasha and the twins had the other. We had one side of the main house, while my parents have the other. It sleep’s like 17 in total, so theres was more then enough space for everyone, with 4 kitchens too!


Twins in jail, Italy


The twins on the last day, stuck indoors while it was raining, and everyone was running around packing the cars. Eliza on the right sporting a moody glair while she is stuck in ‘prison’ clutching terry and terry from Monsters inc.  University preparing her revenge.. . The rebel Amelia on the left leaning on the window, picture a piece of straw in her mouth and this little rebel cowboy doesn’t have a care while she’s kept inside, probably plotting her next riot. They would stood like this for a good  minutes, it was the cutest thing in the whole world.

Amelia and me, Italy, coco pops


A mid holiday snap, Amelia stealing more Coco Pops, she seems to be enjoying herself!!

Antipasto, Italy

My and Richards dinner after the hospital trauma in Montepulciano, we had this to share, it was meant to be a starter but it was more then enough to fill us both up. 

Espresso, Italy

This is just one of the many many espresso’s Richard had! He became a bit obsessed.


Flowers in the window, Italy

My flowers in the window, which Richard gave me, and how nice is that view?

Lavender, Italy Richard, Italy


Finishing with a picture of Richard, I took a picture of the pool, but I can’t find it, so believe me when I say it was lovely.

Speak soon all.