Our upcycled coffee table

So we have wanted a coffee table for a while, and I did a lot of research on trying to find the perfect one. See my post here. But in the end we decided that maybe doing a little DIY on a table that needed some TLC might be more ideal. So we trailed EBAY, charity shops and free cycle until we came across this one below. We got it for £15 from a reuse recycle shop, and it’s not the best picture, but as you can see its just a pine wood that has been stained with that horrific golden orange tone..you know very old school..I remember having this type of furniture all over my house when I was little. But the best thing about these types of furniture, is that they are so lovely to up cycle. With a bit of sanding you can strip it down to the bare wood, and start all over. I always recommend looking for items which are a good structure and the wood is in good condition as it will always make your job a hell of a lot easier and the outcome a hell of a lot nicer.


So I decided to go for a Scandinavian approach to how I wanted to do up this table. But instead of using a crisp white I went for a jet matt black. To give it an industrial modern twist. But I sanded it all over first, so the paint went on really nicely, and I only needed to do a couple of coats.




When it came to the top of the table, we sanded it all down, and it came out beautifully…next was just deciding how to finish it.


After much talk we decided on a danish oil. The best thing about this stuff, is that its food safe, and water proof  so I am totally going to use some on my old chopping boards! But just look at the difference!




It made the grain really come alive, and contrasted with the black it just looked amazing!




So there’s our coffee table! I could’t be more happy! Next week I’ll show you how I styled my table, and some cool accessories to make your coffee table a centre piece in your living room.

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