There’s no better time than summer to get some awesome craft projects underway. The kids are off school, the weather is fine, and the days are long. But these aren’t just for the older kids, have fun with your little ones too. Arch loves doing little mini projects, and we have an array of pretty pictures and different crafts that we have done together. These are great too if it’s raining, or if you just aren’t feeling a mummy and toddler group. Also I’d recommend checking your local library, ours offer a craft day once a week, and during the holidays they do lots of fun themed crafts too..great for the little ones. Even if it only keeps Arch entertained for 10 minutes! Anyway on to the crafts.

I’ve collected a few things over the last few months in a box, crazily known as the craft box. Original I know. In the craft box we have felt, buttons,paints, paper, pom poms…and you get where I am going with this. I actually pick up bulk sets when the sales are on. Because let’s’ be honest I don’t think our little ones are going to care if the craft pack is ‘last seasons’. Obviously I keep tools like scissors, glue and spray adhesives out-of-the-way in a cupboard, and I use these when doing certain things..though Arch is just about getting the hang of glue.

234_rmw_ed_hippie_gypsy_0613Rock My Wedding

There’s nothing more summer-esque than building a den and playing outside all day, watching the stars at night and nothing is as tasty than a smore! Grab a sheet, a bunch of pillows and fill your day making daisy chains and going on nature hunts. The kids are sure to have fun!


diy-chalk-5Project Nursery

Next we have a fun DIY which is super colourful, fun to make and should last a fair bit of time too. DIY chalk for your kids to draw some masterpieces on pavement in your back garden or on your street. Fun to make and fun to how cute do these look..lolly pop shapes. This is also a fun activity for kids all ages and a great one for the little ones in helping them learn colours.

MerMagInterlockingCastle7Mer Mag Blog

Oh the wonders you can create with a cardboard box, how cute does this look? The possibilities are really endless!


full_113967_2F2016-04-16-224133-imageCut out and Keep

For the unicorn lovers in your life, this is super cute right and who knew you could create something like this from an old toilet roll. This is sure to keep the unicorn loves entertained!


jI Hearts n Crafts

These are so cute right? Perfect for those sunny days! Also a great one to do with the little ones.

alphabet-rocks-1Balancing Home

This last one is great for the older kids, and helping them with their spelling. Plus its a fun activity finding the pebbles and painting them to look pretty!


So there you have it, just a few ideas to keep your kids entertained this summer! Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


I think it’s pretty safe to say that when you have kids, anything remotely cute you want to get them, I’m trying my hardest constantly not to over buy or spoil Archer. If I had endless money, there’s no doubt he would be dressed to the max in super cute outfits, and have every colourful book under the sun, but instead I buy rarely, and try to really support the small business community. I love Etsy and have come across some little shops recently that I thought I’d share…and I think I might start a dressing the little man post, because I know how difficult it can be finding colourful, bright and full of pattern clothes. boy’s sections are always so tiny right? Anyway. Moving on to some cute things I found which just show you how on point the world of product design is right now! Enjoy all. Everything will be linked below.




  1. Two toned cup, Peek and Pack, €8.00,   2. Salvador Kokeshi, Peek and Pack, €35.00,   3. Make a face, Moon Picnic, £34.00,   4. Cardboard People, Moon Picnic, £16.50,   5. Giant ice cream, Moon Picnic, £18.90,   6. Paper city, Moon Picnic, £12.50,   Frida Kokeshi, Peek and Pack, €35.00,   Alphabet Pebbles, Moon Picnic, £16.00


So above are a couple of new shops for you to check out Peek and Pack and Moon Picnic. I just brought some magazines from Moon Picnic, and when they arrive I will instagram them…so excited! But both shops have items that are to die for, design genius and just adorably cute too!

Happy Friday all!




Black tiles, Plant, Mirror, Toilet roll holder, Towels, Sink, Hexagon tiles.

I’m not ashamed to admit that this makeover has been 6 months in the making…and we are still only at the painting stage. We have had the tiles in our hallway for like 5 months, and that’s not even me exagerating..finding the time to do the never-ending list of things, just takes it time..but we are hoping to start tiling in the next month on so…going to block out a few days on the ever busy calendar. But here is a look out our moodboard for our downstairs bathroom.

We wanted a black and white themed bathroom, so that it toned down some of the colour which goes on in the rest of the house. Keeping the hardware white, and the tiles black and grey. I love white bathroom suites because it gives such a clean look to everything. Though I secretly dream of one day having a bright blue sink. We were on a tight budget so really shopped around for the hardware. We ended up going for the sink above, though it was about a £100 cheaper at the time. It’s quite big compared to our tiny space, but it takes over in a good way, and will go beautifully with the handmade pallet wood cabinet Richard is currently working on. We got our tap which is a waterfall one which is no longer available from Ikea. It was down from £70 to £17.. Bargain. It really is worth waiting and shopping around especially fi your budget is tight..we got the tap and sink about a month after we moved in and we have been here a year at the end of the month. So yes take your time to find perfect items.

We are going for a half black metro tile wall with white-painted walls above. Light shades are always a better choice  in my opinion with smaller bathrooms as it makes it a bit more open, but I love having a big contrast in the room. We are having to build a wooden frame to conceal some big pipes, which I think will adorn plenty of plants, giving a fresh feel and a nice spot of colour to contrast the black/white/ grey palette. I might go for some bold yellow accessories like hand towel and plant pots to add some punch in there too.

I reccomend not having a ton of clutter everywhere. This will ensure your bathroom looks as big as possible. Especially if like mine its a little closet sized one. I have simple architectural shapes with the wooden frame, simple cupboard and the white circle mirror above the sink. The texture will come from the plants and the tiles. I am in love with our floor tiles. I was a bit weary of pairing them with the black metro tiles, but I trust it will give a funky look to the bathroom.

Here are a few small bathrooms, #housegoals, that will give you guys a little more inspo for re-doing a tiny bathroom.

imageRefinery 29

Those tiles….love the contrast of the blue and white here..I spent ages trying to find really colourful tiles that were overly pricey..let’s just say it was difficult.


tumblr_ogw9zrf3fm1r6kaa9o8_1280Gravity Home

A similar colour scheme to mine, I love the simple yet geometrical this bathroom is. So much going on pattern and grid wise, but yet it’s so calming.



This resembles a pretty similar size to out bathroom, small and cosy. I love how they have used yellow and graphic artwork to break up the white and black colour scheme. I hope your bathroom get’s done’s hoping!




With all that’s been going on in the world, I thought today my pattern should be one of colour and hope. So I simply did a rainbow. All my thoughts and prayers go out to Manchester and all affected by recent events.






Totally been doing this for a month now! wooo.. I have to say it’s rather fun setting down some time either Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning to just create something, just trying to decide what to do with them all..maybe I’ll make prints or maybe cushion covers…that could be fun. ANyway i’ll stop waffling as I know this is meant to be a nice short and sweet post for your Wednesday this pattern literally took me like 5 minutes. A few clicks on Photoshop and an obsessive grid lover nature and above is what I came up with…I would love to do this pattern for my big bathroom upstairs….it would be so much fun no?? What do you guys think?


Anyway happy Wednesday everyone and remember to tag your patterns with #wflovespatten!



Ok so I love filling my house with beautiful and textural things, and so I have many mini gallery walls up. I’ve been collecting artwork and little nik naks for years now and so have grown a rather half decent collection of odd things. Now I don’t own any originals ( I wish ) but the pieces we own, me and Richard have picked out because we like them. I think we would all love to be able afford a n original Jenny Saville or Nan Goldin piece, but let’s be honest, they are way out of our budget, and even for me spending a few hundred pounds on once piece isn’t really an option. But there are ways to fill your home with beautiful pieces. So today I am going to show you the start of one of my newest collections that will hopefully going in my hallways, its pink you may notice. Which wasn’t actually done on purpose, I guess I’m just drawn to that colour at the moment. But I will take you step by step of my process, so grab a cup of coffee and let’s get lost in overly pretty graphics and patterns.

Also I apologise for the photos, my camera is still broken (waiting on spare part) and so these are good old iphone pics!!

Ok let’s talk sources. You have Etsy, which is great for art pieces, and you can pick up some truly beautiful screen prints, drawings and prints for not a lot at all, take a look at my favourites on Etsy as I’m always favouriting prints and artworks.

Then you have your local charity shops and car boots, where you can pick up lots of different things. Maybe vintage scarves that might look cool in a frame, old postcards too always look awesome.

If your after artwork and you don’t mind spending that little bit more, check out sites like Artfinder as they have a variety of artists in every medium you can think of.

So those are my go to places, but I also like cards that you can get anywhere, nowadays the graphics and typography are so on point they are like little mini artworks themselves.

Right now let’s talk my new gallery wall plan.


I’ll do it row by row and give you links to what I can, though I must mention a good amount are from A Beautiful mess when they had their 10 items for a $1 each, so I stocked up on cards and just decided most were too cute to use! But always check back on their shop as they are always doing lots of offers. Ok let’s get to the pink overload!

Row 1:  Today is your day, A Beautiful Mess, Geometric card, A Beautiful Mess, Pink and Green neon card, Etsy,  Screen Print, Etsy,

Row 2:  Bon voyage, A Beautiful Mess,  Have a nice day, A Beautiful Mess,  3 Stickers, Etsy, Hello postcard, A Beautiful Mess, 2 stickers that came free with an enamel pin I brought, Etsy,  Palm Tree Hotel Card, A Beautiful Mess.

Row 3: Good Morning Card, A Beautiful Mess,  Vagina Haircuts, Etsy,  World’s okayest morning person card, A Beautiful Mess, 2 badges from a carboot in Canada.

Row 4: Pink cube geometric card, Etsy, Badge vintage from carboot, Slay Mama, Etsy,  Palm Trees, A Beautiful Mess,  Spread eagle lady, Etsy.

I am loving all the pink hues and strong contrasting typography..eek so fun right?


With the stickers, I think I will find some plain but maybe textured white card to stick them on and then frame. This would work really well with patches too on a piece of fabric like denim which gives a high contrast. Oooo maybe I should start a patch wall.



I have a few ideas of how I am going to do the badges, once I have made up my mind I shall do a post on it..and on the final gallery wall too.



But like I said you don’t have to spend a fortune, and there’s never a rush. This has taken me about 4 months to collect with the badges being in a box for about 4 years!! As I was just never sure what to do with them, it can take time. Have fun and go out hunting for some inspiring pieces!




Another fun thing, is with some of the cards that came with bright envelopes I will probably use them as a little mount so there’s another pop of colour. All I need to do now is find frames. For this I will either look at Ikea or possibly hunt round some charity shops. I’d like them all to be white frames so that it’s not an overload of dark colours, so for this I will spray paint the frames white so they match..but this is a long project finding frames! There are always options to get things professionally framed but that can be quite expensive, especially with a collection of this size.


Happy Tuesday





Here is the third installment of pattern fun Wednesday, I hope your all having a good morning, I’ve been up since 5. It seems this is Archer’s new natural wake up I’m a little tired..exhausted ha. Anyway I did this pattern last night, and actually worked with paint to canvas rather than digital. It’s so easy to create little pattern artworks. As you can see with this one, all I did was tape off a section and then using Archer’s paint circle brush pad things I created the double polka dot effect. Super simple and super cute..I like it when colours come in 3 so quite often I pick ony 3-4 colours when doing a patter…unless i’m going full rainbow of course!


Anyway would love to see some of your pattern designs, tag us in them on twitter and instagram using #wflovespattern.


Happy Wednesday!




So it’s that time of week where I spend my morning doodling and coming up with a fun new pattern. Now I started this one yesterday, and it took me a while but I love the outcome of it..just have a guess of what I was craving while I was doing it! I had  lot of fun coming up with cute mini patterns to put on all the little doughnuts…totally craving some iced doughnuts now though!!


Happy Wednesday all, follow along on the journey with #wflovespatterns on Instagram, would love to see some of your doodles!



So to help us all get through the week, I thought I’d start a new series, where I publish a new pattern/picture for that humpday Wednesday..just as a little boost of creativity. Maybe we can get a # going…#wflovespatterns. Yeah I like that. Anyway here’s my first pattern of the series, loving bright contrasting colours at the moment, so let’s get those clashing patterns going.



I also wanted to say a big thank you to everyone response to my post on Monday, all the love and thoughts mean so much, so thank you x




So I don’t want to like complete ignore the fact that I have called this post untitled, to be honest I didn’t know what to call it…hey I’m month off..these just didn’t fit to me.  I haven’t blogged for quite a while..for the longest period ever…even after having Arch I only went a few days before I started up again. But I needed this month. I’m kind of contradicting the subject of this post with pretty spring pictures. I really have no idea how to go about it..but hey let’s just start with a few facts. Firstly Parenting is HARD AS FUCK.


I love Archer, but it’s not been an easy ride this motherhood thing. When Archer was 10 weeks I had a meltdown. I wouldn’t let my sister leave, I didn’t want to be left alone with him, and while expressing every 2 hours which led to just 1 bottle of milk, I was exhausted, devastated and defeated. I spoke about my breast-feeding journey, or more importantly lack of, but I didn’t go in deep about my mood and the aftermath. I gave up expressing 3 days later when one of the health visitors came out to talk to me about my mood. Richard was called home, at the time by my rather worried sister, and we decided on a new plan of action to help boost my mood. I was visited a couple of times for a few weeks, for chats, and my friends rallied to cheer me up. It took a while for the guilt of not nourishing my baby with my own milk to go, but it did and I started to feel better in myself.



But parenting was still hard work, but let’s be honest. All parenting is hard work. I was burning the candle at all ends. Doing commissions, nurturing Archer, doing the blog and sometimes doing this on my own while my other half worked stupidly long hours. Not helped that both set’s of family live a fair distance away. During Richards late finishes I was finding myself having a mere 40 minutes break (where I would normally shower/ do jobs) each day between Richard getting up than having to go to work again..I was a mummy machine, killing myself to get sponsored posts out and cling onto some identity which didn’t label me as ‘just a stay at home mum’. I’d have mini meltdowns of exhaustion and upset every month or so. Me and Richard would emotionally vomit, get in some help from the family, then I would be on a high for the next couple of weeks till the next burnout.



Second fact, mum guilt is REAL. I was doing my blogging work at midnight, showering at 9 in the evening when Archer was in bed. I’d then deal with Archer’s hourly wake up calls before bringing him into bed with me at 2 am. I’d go to groups, do baby activities with Archer, cook him healthy food, sing dance and everything in between. I never neglected Arch, and I would never want to. But if for a few days I didn’t have the energy to take him out, and I just put cbeebies on, man the worry and guilt that I’m not nurturing my child would sink in. Comparing Archer’s progress to other kids didn’t help at all either. We really shouldn’t compare but let’s be honest all mums do this at some point. I have the overly hyper/destructive child out of the group, this being especially noticable at soft play. Something I came to hate. Why? Because it makes your  heart beat fast, your face bright red and your patience completely deplete. As I looked at other mums around me, enjoying their time, looking all-powerful and mighty in their honest motherhood state. It occurred to me, and though I hate myself even when I type this..I don’t enjoy being a mother.

I love Archer, I wouldn’t give him up for anything, but there was a point when I was really struggling with this idea that my main thing in life was being a mother, and I wasn’t enjoying it. I found myself thinking, maybe this is kind of normal, Archer was having a particularly bad period regarding his behaviour..and well parenting is hard right..but this feeling didn’t leave…and with it came overwhelming guilt and sadness.  I wanted to enjoy Arch. I wanted to be the best mummy to him.. I wanted to enjoy this special bond..this gift that some people go there whole life wanting and sometimes can’t have..

Something wasn’t right..I mean this wasn’t normal right?..let’s cue 5 more months of me battling this unbelievable sadness and guilt. After a very difficult weekend at the beginning of this year, my mum witnessed a meltdown, and expressed concern for my mood. With some hope I came to think, oh maybe this isn’t normal, maybe this is just a hormonal inbalance..maybe I could begin to enjoy motherhood. Did I go to the Let’s just say the stigma attached to post-natal depression was something I didn’t want to deal with, and I was convinced that with better eating and excercise and regular emotional vomiting with Richard we could cope and work through it. Just as a side note, emotional vomiting is talking not actually like being sick…just so you know.

Anyway the next few month were brutal. My monthly meltdowns became weekly, then daily. Me and Richard called quits on my attempting to deal without help, just over a month ago. It was a morning where I had been watching Arch downstairs, and suddenly something switched, and I didn’t want to be in the same room with anyone. I went upstairs gave Archer to Richard and pretty much hibernated for a few hours. Something had to be done. The next morning we were at the doctors.

I was diagnosed with Post Natal Depression. In hindsight I should have gone back to the doctors after the meltdown after the 10 week episode. But I didn’t. I can’t get that time back with Archer, where my patience, happiness and attitude might have shaped different memories. But I can’t think about that stuff. Because there were good times, it wasn’t all dark. It was more that the sadness encroached more and more and became an annoying little niggling feeling. But I can tell you something. The last month has been quite possibly one of the best. We have made the effort to see more family, enjoy the sun and many flowers.  I DO enjoy being Archer’s mummy. And I have waited 20 months to feel that.