Classic Play

Oh my god buying a house is a long complicated process… Now don’t get me wrong, I feel so lucky that we are in a situation where we can buy a house. So lucky. But man..this stuff is complicated. Plus me and Richard aren’t paperwork people…in fact we both suck. It didn’t help that during the whole process, we have had passports to order, a variety of insurances, sorting out postal votes…so much paperwork. I liked to think I’m pretty organised, bar 2 birthday ( out of like a ton) only 2 presents have been sent late, which is super annoying because I got presents weeks in advance this year..but paper work…falls to the bottom of the pile.  But it’s all pretty much done, well the house paperwork is, the rest is still on my pile. I’m getting there..But I think I’ve come up with some ways to enjoy future paperwork.

WINE: Or your beverage of choice around when filling in forms…though maybe stick to like 2 glasses, so you don’t fill out your name as bugs bunny or something like that for shits and giggles.

PAPER CHOICE: Maybe if the form isn’t overly important, print it in a different coloured paper, I think everyone would appreciate a house deed printed on mint green paper…might not be legal, but makes it more fun no?

TREATS: Similar to the wine option, but this could be anything. Filled out that insurance form or claim? bam get yourself a new top. I think this is a pretty good incentive to get your paperwork done.

JUST DO IT: Or maybe we just do it. Because if you’re in a situation like us, the quicker it’s done, the quicker we move into our new little home…then we shall have wine to celebrate.