Ok so I am turning 25 in a couple of weeks, and possibly considering having a little get together with family and close friends. I like throwing partys, any excuse  to put on a spread for family. My previous party’s even include a cheese party… We were given a lot of chesses and so we had a party.. it was fun! Any way I have been looking at some fun things to do for parties that I might do.


Ok so lets get organised, split this into sections. First thing first;


Food Pins



 Look at how cute these looks!! I couldn’t find the original source so if you know leave me a comment! It could be fun to decorate some mini doughnuts for the party?


 I love the idea of the chip shot glasses!! Can’t find the source for this either…you know what to do know if you know it. Mini bite size food is the way to go I think..

after school snack banana peanut butter bites

These are sooo cute, and like healthy right?? These are from Sugar Bee Crafts.



 From Spark recipes, these little bacon waffle bites look to die for!!

Yeah I think cute, bite sized options are the way forward, and maybe like a batch of chilli, to fill the plates out…hmm



Ok so ideas of food are blooming, but now its drinkspiration.




This looks soo delicious. I love a good cocktail! This spiked blueberry lemonade would go down a treat! From Veggie Belly. Could mix this with infused ice cubes too.




I love a bright colourful cocktail, and Mojito’s are a classic! Get the recipe from the Novice Chef. Noticing the theme of blueberries..





This cocktail from Top WIth Cinnamon, has a fresh fruity feel too it, using Rhubarb, Grapefruit and thyme. Can’t wait to try this one out!




Another summer fresh cocktail that I am dying to try is blackberry basil fizz from Coco and Mingo. Garnishing with blackberries and pretty straws…ahh I am so excited.


So thats just  a few ideas I am looking at, next will be decor…I best get pinning!! Speak soon all and happy Monday!!


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  1. TinyTang

    i am so in love with pinterest food pictures! even if there is something i personally wouldn’t eat, a nice picture might make me think twice hahaha;p but all these photos you’ve picked are great as always 🙂 x
    | Life as a Petite |

    1. Sophie Post author

      Thanks, I was soo hungry while doing that post…I wanted to just go into the kitchen and make them all!

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