I’ve been on a bit of a social media hiatus recently, and a creative one too…you know when you have great ideas and they just don’t work…yeah thats been my month, lots of great ideas but rubbish execution of them. I was over stressing and over thinking so I decided to take a step back and just try to get some inspo without the pressure of trying to post and get likes etc..but I’m back hopefully, and I’ve worked out some kinks. I have so many plans for the blog and etsy shop over the next few months, I’m talking massive re-brand.. exciting stuff….if I am able to pull it off!

So here is my weekly pattern for you, let me know your thoughts and remember to tag your own patterns.



wedding-table-2-webI think it’s pretty obvious to you guys who come here on a regular basis (thanks for that by the way!) that I’m pretty in to colour, but I’m seeing a serious 80’s vibe wt my patterns…maybe subconsioualy im reverting back to my childhood of Fresh Prince and Mr Motivator and how life was simpler as a child? hmmm..the joys of adulthood.


Anyway happy Wednesday all!