I think it’s quite easy to shy away from bold patterns when we are decorating our home. What colour, style, how many different patterns is safe to choose? So many logisitcs..but to be honest I don’t think it really matters. You can choose a few different ways to add pattern to your home. You can go for a bright detailed wallpaper, different patterned textiles, bright artwork or furnishings. All blend all of them together. Hey why not!

Well-travelled-home-2-1The Jungalow

Like this room. Having plain white on the walls, makes the colour in the patterns and texture really pop. And just look at the variety of different patterns, which are all being pulled together with certain colours. You have the deep blue, red and yellow being very dominant colours in this scheme. But it works, look how cosy this room looks..i’m completely in love with it.

Screen_Shot_2015-10-05_at_1.12.20_PM_1024x1024Chasing Paper

So I think I need this wall paper…this is a great way to incorporate pattern into your home if you’re a bit shy, having just a panel like this makes a statement but wont over do it if you’re a bit nervous..god I love this print!

LR-sm-she-shed-22The Jungalow

Just look at all the greenery, and that wall paper is to die for! See how the leaf pattern and the stripes are subtly used here, with the add of plants, it brings the whole place together, a tropical jungle in your own backyard. Check out Justina Blakeney’s blog for more bohemian, pattern and plant filled wonderfulness. aHR0cCUzQSUyRiUyRnd3dy5kZXNpcmV0b2luc3BpcmUubmV0JTJGc3RvcmFnZSUyRjMyOW1ja2ltbWJhdGhyb29tLmpwZyUzRl9fU1FVQVJFU1BBQ0VfQ0FDSEVWRVJTSU9OJTNEMTQyNDcyMDY2NjM3Nw==Desire to inspire

Geometric is still on trend, and why just keep pattern decor for your living room? Spruce up your bathroom or your kitchen with tiles like this. Add a pop of colour and your good to go.


If fancy wall paper or tiles aren’t in your budget, and soft furnishings are already pretty pricey, why not create some of your own patterns? Paint straight onto fabric to make cushion covers, upcycle furniture or go bold and make a stencil to paint your wall or floors..sit down grab some pens and try out a few different patterns and shapes. Here are some simple ones for inspiration.

49e632b7827ccf6b82b9e6daf9a4a848The Crafted Life

So this style is super in right now and so simple to do too, you can mix it up draw your own style of an eye and try it in different colours. These would look good on cushions, or even furniture.



Undercover DIYER

This could make an awesome print on a wall or even on flooring like cement. To make it simpler just try doing a diamond shape and adding a pattern in the middle afterwards freestyle.



So simple anyone can do this, just grab some paints, and make some marks. Mark making can make such interesting patterns and textures, just practise and find your style, then grab some cotton or a canvas and add your own patterned artwork to your home.


I’m pretty obsessed with pattern, and slowly will be adding little corners of pattern all over my home. Cant wait to show you guys some updates!