Apologies for being the bearer of bad news, but you know that whole season we’ve got coming up? It’s referred to as the season of goodwill, glitz and glamour, Christmas and cheerful celebrations? It’s something we all look forward to, time with family, a few much-needed days off work, and generally the Christmas celebrations…drinking, eating way too much and being overly jolly about wearing red and green. Except for the part where it turns your home – your precious, styled, renovated home – into a land of new challenges. Even if you have managed to get to grips with your decor and your cleaning routine for the other 11 months, December will hit you from nowhere. I know what your thinking, like what’s the problem, lets just put a few Christmas items up. No big deal..but let’s introduce kids into this scenario.

Christmas is magical for everyone, but for kids…it’s a day of dreams. I remember the pure excitement of not being able to sleep on Christmas eve, waiting for a weird fat guy with a beard to drop off presents..terrifying but also amazing. My mum and dad pulled out all the stops. Leaving milk and cookies (don’t forget the carrot for Rudolph), hanging sparkly garlands from the ceilings and a big tree full of decorations of every colour and pattern. Perfect, magical and a true Carter Christmas for me.

As we have got older Christmas decor has become more and more elaborate for the younger generation. Elf on the shelf, Santa keys and buttons, light Christmas scenes, candles…the list is an endless. So here my dear friends I’m going to show you some ideas of how to have a magical Christmas, without compromising the lovely decor you have worked so hard for, and how to be prepared for it..because believe me in a blink of an eye it will be here and the stress will suddenly hit you.

Don’t believe me? Think that Christmas is just about good fun, pleasantness and family time? Aw, how the memory dims – especially over a year that has packed a punch like 2016. I’m not going to go into politics, or the outcome of the election or Brexit, because to be honest I was devastated, and it’s time to be strong and over come to Christmas.

It doesn’t matter what your style is usually, come Christmas, you have one ethos: “grotto”. Or the nearest match that you can make, anyway. But for those of you who want the classy look, but aren’t sure how to do it, or have kids and want the fun to be there too…take a look at these products and layouts, and make your Christmas dreams come true.

christmas-decor-ideas-habitat-and-ikea1. Origami decorations, £5.50, Ikea   2.Noella tree, £18.00, Habitat.  3. Gold splattered crackers, £20.00, Habitat.                                                                4. Gold cutlery, £90.00, Habitat.       5.  Decor tree, £14.00, Ikea.   6. Pom pom decoration, £5.00, Habitat.  7. Olmo plate, £8.00, Habitat.                    8. Candle holder, £35.00, Habitat.

Ok so I’m loving the gold and blue at the moment, so I think this is a great layout for dinner, and having a little wooden decoration tree can be just for your decorations, and let the kids go mental on the tree..comprimise people.


I love the idea of having a hot chocolate bar for your guests, something special for the kids to do Christmas morning too…this is a very modern idea thats been popular at weddings. To the point i’m thinking of doing one at our wedding..but hey lets push the boat out at Christmas too.

Decor wise might be dominated by your kids, and why not it’s a family holiday. But where you can go that extra mile is in the dinner. Styling the table, you can control and although it might only look pretty for a few minutes before cranberry sauce and gravy goes everywhere, here in this moment you can have a modern, stylish beautiful table setting.


I love this, gold cutlery, simple place setting, elegant and stylish. It doesn’t have to be mixed plates and mismatched crockery if you don’t want it to be. tumblr_n0wdjeoruc1rvqm6lo1_1280Source

I love the idea of black and white, and block colour place settings..go fro something different to the modern colours.


Secondly lets talk cleaning and prepping. Now I have a mission this year. We are hosting Richards family Christmas at ours. The idea came to save us travelling so far both days, but the pressure is going to hit. So I’ve already starting prepping. The house being a big one, getting our wooden floor and booth done in time is going to be a mission, but it’s a great motivator! Also keep a note in your diary for Black Friday, November 25th! This could be a great time to get the bargain Christmas presents.

Here’s an idea of the new invaders into your home, some thanks to Christmas itself and some just what feels like pure winter malice:

  • If you go for a real Christmas tree, welcome to a world of pine needles dropping onto the floor and needing to be swept up. This won’t be a weekly chore or even a daily one; it’ll need to be done any time someone walks past, touches or breathes on the tree. But fear not. Christmas blankets are a thing which might help. Here is where I’d like to say I’m being smart and getting a fake one because Archer is in a curious I can now walks nd so need to touch everything phase. But it’s not going to be fake. I’m a real Christmas tree gal through and through…Arch will just need to learn prickles will hurt if you try to lick the tree..
  • There’s a good chance we’re in for a very cold winter thanks to La Nina, so shovelling snow may be a new fun activity.  Now rather than relaxing in front of the fire or building an elaborate snowman, grab your Snow Shifts or other blower and clear a path to your car every day the white stuff visits.
  • Finding a place for all those decorations (not to mention the presents you receive) and fitting them in with your decor. Also dusting all these extras because we know how cards, candles and anything sparkly likes to attract dust.

Just remember, it’s about having fun and spending time with family, when there’s wrapping paper all over the floor, and family members snoring in the corner…no one is going to be looking at whether the lights match the place mats, though deep down you will be…haha!