Perfect Picnic Items From Marks & Spencer

So with the heat wave hitting us and the approaching summer I couldn’t help but drool over these awesome items which could make any picnic or bbq chic as hell! I was recently in M&S using there loo, if I am to be honest, but the colour of their homeware section had me drooling all over. The patterns and the colour I could have spent a fortune.



So first we have these awesome wire bright yellow coasters.  I am a sucker for the wire trend right now, Its just looks so funky… no? These will set you back £7.50 from Marks & Spencer. But will make your drinks pop and protect your furnishings.






Why not add a bit of mood lighting with some candles in the evening? Especially with this awesome pineapple candle holder? It costs £17.50 and is from Marks & Spencer too. I love it…I’m such a sucker for gold decor.



Cute chic garden furniture which you could pair with a contrasting parasol too! Be the envy of all your friends when you invite them over for a picnic. But this will set you back £249 from Marks & Spencer. So if your not willing to spend that much keep an eye out on sites such as free cycle and craiglist to see if anyone is giving a garden set away which you can do up with bright paint. Or trail ebay and charity shops. You never know.


More pineapples..I am loving the fruit motifs at the minute, nothing screams summer more! Plus this way if you decided to hit the lakes for your picnic, or just get out the paddling pool for the kids, your sure to be the envy when you pull out these. These costs £15 each and are from Marks & Spencer.


Who said salad spoons have to be bog standard, these look awesome  and they only cost £4 from Marks & Spencer.


Oh come on, where would this post be without a little bit of flamingo’s making an appearance. These look so cool and cost £3.50 from Marks & Spencer.


Obviously drinking isn’t happening for me right now, but these cocktail stirrers are so awesome. I could murder a cocktail but hey, making others drink look amazing with these is also fun too…kind of. These cost £5 and are from Marks & Spencer.



And where can you keep a batch of pre made cocktails or fancy homemade lemonade you ask? In this drink dispenser of course..You can get really cute coloured ones from there too, but I like the idea of a plain one so you can let your fancy cocktail colours shine through! This costs £15 from Marks & Spencer. 


So go on soak up the glorious sunshine grab some friends and chill out in style with these accessories from Marks & Spencer. (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

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