Picking your photography style for your wedding

There are so many decisions to make when you’re planning a wedding, both big and small. I’ve barely been planning for long, and already I’m exhausted with all the decisions. Everything from the venue to the colour of the napkins has to be decided, there are just so many decisions. One of them being the photographer.  I booked our photographer Mary Anne a month after we were engaged. She’s a friend from uni and i’ve always loved her style of photography, plus its looks all natural and less posed which is the style me and Richard wanted to got for. So let’s look at some styles of photography you can choose.


The traditional route.Some couples want their wedding to be as picture-book traditional as possible. Big church, formal attire and the perfect white dress.If you want to stay traditional with the photography, it’s a style that you’re sure to recognise. It tends to be very formal,black and white, posed pictures to perfection! This is a great way to capture all the moments, and being a more widely used style, can be a cheaper option too.


Reportage or documentary photography is a bit more my style. Using this method, the wedding photographer takes a natural approach to photographing the day. Instead of posing people, they take snaps of everyone doing their thing as the day progresses. Some photographers only use natural lighting, and they aim to capture people when they’re relaxed and not looking at the camera. I like the idea of letting the photographer to their own thing.



A more contemporary wedding photography style can also be posed. But instead of the stiff setups of traditional photography, you can have more fun. You might choose a more relaxed location to take some pictures or even use some amusing props. Or kick it up a notch, with funny narrative pictures or even more elegant props such as smoke bombs, and sparklers. I love the idea of having some fun with your wedding photography.
Or if you can’t decide, or feel that a photographer isn’t for you, DIY yourself a backdrop and let your guests capture your day! If you trust them!