Pink kind of month

I love colour, when I’m on Pinterest I am totally drawn to bright colourful images! I even have a board purely dedicated to I thought I might try a new series of exploring colourful images..might even advance this into colour specific items too..who knows..this space could get wild!  (how many times can do I mention colour??!!) So I thought I’d start with pink as I have noticed that a lot of my colourful pins are pink so enjoy!! Also I hope your all enjoying your the last stretch of your bank holiday weekend!



I think i’ve posted this image before but I love it, it’s so bright and fresh I wouldn’t mind it as a print.



Pink banana’s….why not? I love how this picture kind of goes well with the picture below.. no??



I’d like to try a shoot like this, not just with lips, but hands, feet. Could be interesting a sort of surreal pop cultural piece..I can’t remember the last time I used my Mamiya which is a medium format camera..maybe I should do a shoot soon….



How awesome is this picture…just makes me want to travelling again..lovely!



I find these kind of pictures ridiculously relaxing..don’t ask me why.. I wouldn’t mind a series of these for my bedroom.



See if we owned our own place we could paint the stairwell pink. Although that might be a bit much…even for me..




I love this piece, it’s so fluid, and this could just be my interpretation, but the painting is depicting a torso no? with the belly button and upper torso..I would love to have my house filled with original artworks..Thats what I miss about not working in the gallery anymore, I don’t have that weekly does of inspiration and creativity at my finger tips.




I love cactus’s or cacti?? anyway they are so easy to keep, and can add some colour and greenery to your home! I have a cute DIY coming up next week involving this cute plant! Anyway I love the contrast in this image, what can I say clearly pink and greens speak to me..


I’m thinking maybe green for next time….Enjoy your Monday all! (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

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