Pins I’m loving, baby themed

Still no much to everyone who thought I would be early..(my due date is on Saturday) and man am I uncomfortable…plus I have tried everything.. My newest system being watching one born every minute ( get the emotions going) while bouncing on my birthing ball, eating pineapple and stimulating my nipples.. Just picture doing all that at once…who said pregnancy isn’t sexy! Anyway, I thought I’d look at some cute baby related pins to see if it get’s anything going..


How super cute is this, we don’t know what we are having but I think maybe a boy, but to be honest..I’d totally consider dressing a boy in this because I mean why not?! This is from Mini Style Blog.


I’m seeing a theme with pink and yellow…yes once again more girly, but it has sharks on it! Sharks! This is from Stella McCartney. 


I recently showed you my gallery wall post here, when the baby is here i’m looking forward to adding some personal touches, like a name letter and maybe some cutesy things too! This is from Mommo Design.


How adorable is this nursery, it’s just so whimsical. This is when I wish we owned our own place, would have been nice to be able to paint the room, but I love how our nursery came out. This is from Petite Vintage Interiors.


This room is super awesome, all the patterns and bold colours, plus the pictures are super cute too! This is from The boo and the boy.


How adorable is this, the whole little outfit is just super cute! Ok I have officially said super cute way top much..I am just loving the hat though! This is from here.


I am in love with these shoes, and there are a few other designs too! These are from Oh Joy.




Here’s hoping our little one makes an appearance soon…if you have any other ideas to induce labour do feel free to leave me a comment! (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

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