o I have been browsing the wondrous world of pinterest, primarily at graphics, colours and text. Home work from the Blog Design 2.0 course from A Beautiful Mess. It’s seriously informative, and I am enjoying the homework of scouring pinterest..So starting with my awesome first bit of typography..which I am sure you noticed, it’s from the Daily Drop Can. The website features the amazing work of designer and illustrator Jessica Hische, and are able to be used by bloggers for personal, (non-commercial) sites. Awesome no?




I love all the colours and texture in this, circles are really in right now, I see them everywhere..haha but this is from Behance.



Looks like I seem to be drawn to the single letters at the moment..but I love this colour, I guess you can never g wrong with the simplicity of white on a colour background..I wasn’t able to find the source, so if you know email me.103142c0051c4766ff1ef9cf6514cc65

This is from Seen & Noted and I love the colour.. I know broken record Sophie…but I really do, I love how classy and feminine this looks. I also love the old typewriter graphics, the leaflet that came with mine, is beautiful, even as just an instruction booklet.


Another singular letter, but I am overly enjoying the 3d effect of ths cubism letter…big words eh? But I am trying to find colours to strengthen my much to have all of these? This is from Daily Drop Caps by Z Mahmoud Bachir from Designspiration. 


So there’s my typography pins of the month, I hope you are all having a lovely Tuesday…I am drinking my weight in tea, due to how cold it is…Autumn is now here…