So I haven’t done this in a while, so I thought I’d show you my favourite pins of the week. It’s Friday and this time next week I will be in Italy and I am sooo excited. So to start the weekend off, here are my favourite pins of the week.


I love the foliage faces, which are done by the very talented Justina Blakeney. They each just have their own little character and I can’t get over how good each one looks. As one of my favourite bloggers to read and follow, I do insist you take a look at her corner of the internet which is beaming of beauty.



Possibly still in the party mood but I love this, and there’s a whole bunch of them on Design boom. Done by artist Nina Jun



I love this piece, I would gladly have this on my art wall, I am totally crazing over art use every day things as inspiration and do them in basic block colours which are very 2 dimensional.. I just love the aesthetic of it. This is from Monika Forsberg for Walkyland.


John Hoyland Pink block on green (New York Suite), just combines every colour and shape that I adore right now, Could you just imagine owning this piece?


So enjoy your weekend all!!