Archer was 8 months old yesterday, I just don’t know where the time has gone…and I know that he will be 1 before I know it! A babies 1st birthday is such a special milestone!  Some choose to celebrate with just family while other goes all out with a big party. I think we will do something in between. Maybe have a family gathering and a little party for all his little friends! Still a few months off so I have plenty of time to plan! 

 Ok so first thing first let’s consider a venue! I think we will just look at doing something out ours, hoping at this point we are in our new place. But The number of guests will impact on your choice of a venue. If you are only inviting close friends and family, then you should be alright hosting the party in your own home. This will definitely make the whole day cheaper for you! However, if you are planning a few different people and groups, you might prefer to hire out a local venue. Restaurants with play areas usually cater young children’s parties. Even if your child is only one, older children will enjoy playing in the soft play areas. This is a great opportunity to take plenty of pictures to show your child happy memories when they are older! One of the benefits of hiring a venue is that they often include catering in the price. And that will take one load off your mind!


If you are having a small party at home, then you will have to think about feeding your guests

 Good to know

Even though your baby probably won’t be eating the cake in sure your other guests will enjoy having some! You can get on professionally made like the top cake, or go for a simple route and bake it yourself like the bottom one! 

When it comes to the food why not take the fun route with how you display the food. This caterpillar sandwich tray is such a fun idea for the kids! 


It is a good idea to check with guests beforehand if they have any dietary requirements too! You may have to offer gluten-free food or some selections that suit different allergies.

The Gift


It’s your child’s first birthday, so you need to get their main present just right! If you are still struggling to think of what to buy them, you can find ideas at Makaboo. Some popular choices for a first birthday include teddy bears and educational toys. Many parents also buy their young babies keepsakes that the child can keep as a memento. Things like delicate gold and silver jewelry pieces are popular. As are cute ornament and picture frames. However, some parents don’t buy presents until their child is either two or three years old. This makes sense when you think about it, as one-year-olds are still too young to appreciate gifts. Whether you do buy your one-year-old a present is entirely up to you. If you are trying to stick to a budget, this could be a great way of doing so.


A party needs entertainment! Especially if it is for young kids.There are many things you can choose from. For cheaper options, think about putting on the entertainment yourself. Do you already have a karaoke machine? Great! Kids love to sing and getting a karaoke out will go down a storm with everyone old enough to have a go. Seeing as the birthday girl or boy is still only very young, try some gentle party games. Games such as Pass the Parcel and Musical Chairs always go down really well with kids. If you’d rather take a back seat throughout the party and concentrate on taking pictures, hire an entertainer. Clowns are popular choices when it comes to entertainment. As Disney is extremely popular with young children, you could hire a Disney Princess to come and delight the kids.


If you want, set a party theme! Then all the kids can come in cute fancy dress costumes. There are countless party themes to pick. Disney, pirates, animals. The list is endless! If you have a theme, you should also decorate your venue in suitable decorations. You can make props and decorations from scratch by hand, or see if you can find any cool stuff online. 

 Grubby little faces

 It’s also a fun idea to style the food in this theme as well. Like these pirate bananas.


So if your theme is The Little Mermaid, decorate the venue, so it looks like it is under the sea. Use lots of blues and stick pictures of fish on the wall. You could ice the birthday cake in blue icing and make small fish and shellfish out of icing to cover it in. Have a look at etsy as you could get little mermaid tutus like the one above for the birthday girl! 


You can also theme the party bags as well. As well as the usual slice of birthday cake and sweeties, think about adding in some small trinkets linked to the theme.

Life love and Lucy 

I love the idea of doing the invitations like this! Not only are they super cute! They wil make an awesome keepsake too! 

Their 1st birthday only comes once! I’m so excited about archers and my plan is to enjoy it and not stres out too much! 


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