Saying that planning your wedding is stressful is the understatement of the century. But, when it comes to planning an outdoor wedding, those stress levels are often on a whole other level. The idea of having a wedding outside is absolutely gorgeous, but it can often fill you with dread. When your entire big day is spent outside, there seems to be a higher risk of things going wrong – thanks to the weather. But that shouldn’t put you off. Outdoor weddings can be absolutely incredible, and if you want to enjoy yours outside, then here’s how to plan for just about anything happening.


Choose A Secluded Spot


First of all, when it comes to choosing the location or venue of your outdoor wedding, you need to make your choice count. One of the best ways to ensure that you are somewhat covered is to literally be somewhat covered. By being in a secluded spot that is surrounded by trees or even a kind of awning or roof trellis, you will keep any wind and most of the rain away should it hit. When you’re largely covered over anyway, you should be good to go.


Have A Covered Area


If you’ve found the perfect location for your wedding, but there is no natural cover in sight, don’t panic. You can still make it work. You’re going to want to look into cover options that you can put up. A traditional marquee company should definitely be able to help with that. Dressed up in the theme of your wedding, they can look great too. Plus, having somewhere secure to serve food and host the majority of events will keep your mind at ease should the weather make a turn for the worst.


Have Umbrellas Ready


Another backup plan that can help you with your planning (and to ease off any stress) is to have umbrellas at the ready. Yes, it would be handy to have large golfing style umbrellas for your guests, but that’s not all. You could get some large umbrellas for any tables that you have outside, just in case. Then, should there be a shower or two, quickly put them up and your guests can go on with their fun.


Be Practical


It will also help you to deal with any bad weather reports nearer the day if you’re able to be practical with your decor. There are so many gorgeous outdoor wedding ideas that you can go with, but some will leave you disheartened should bad weather hit. So be sure that you’re not choosing decorations that are likely to ruin in the rain. Instead, sturdier options would work best.


Be Prepared


Lastly, the final piece of advice involves you! If you want to make sure that bad weather doesn’t ruin your outdoor wedding, don’t let it. Prepare yourself and your mind for the worse. And don’t let yourself get worked up about it. The weather isn’t something you can control, so try not to let it stress you out before your big day.