Ok, so like most I have a healthy obesession with pom poms which is slowly growing into an obession with tassles too. Generally anything that can be attached to  an object which instantly makes it look adorable.




Ok I want one of these wicker baskets so bad from Mille, but alas she is sold out. But this is a good possible DIY idea though.. hmm..the gold spray paint may be coming out again..


Who doesn’t love a camel surrounded by pom poms and tassles. I can’t find the original source for this image, but I love it so much, the camel doesn’t look too impressed though.


Excellent way to spruce up an old alice band, I am totally going to do this for my birthday. It’s kind of like a crown. Birthday crown. This is from A Subtle Revelry and they have all the instructions on how to make one on the site so go check it out.



I would wear this whole ensemble, I am even thinking of pom pom-fying some clothes of mine. I am in love with the skirt and shoes..This is from Flaaawless.



This person has impeccable style. Lace, bright colours,metalic, pom poms and polka dots its like a mash-up of a 12 year old channelling a clown. I think it’s awesome. From Lavender and Jellybeans. It’s a new blog, but her style for her age is fantastic.



To the tassels. Such a simple idea but such a beautiful impact. These can be brought soon and there’s more information on HonestlyWTF.



DIY tassle basket, get the instructions here. Seriously thinking of buying a nice beach bag and doing this to it. From HonestlyWTF too. Great site, lots of ideas and cool things go check it out.



I think I might grab some wool and a glue gun and pom pom my entire house. When is too much too much? I think Richard would look adorable with a pom pom headband in his luscious hair.. too much..




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