So if you follow me on instagram you may already know that we are expecting baby number 2. In September. Which makes me 35 weeks today. Now lets just say I don’t do pregnancy well. With Arch I had hyperemsis (severe morning sickness) for most of the pregnancy, and I had gestational diabetes. Add the fact that I am rhesus negative to the mix and you have a triple threat.

Now this time the sickness was just as severe, though looking after a hyper 3 year old kept my mind off it a little more so I dealt with It better, I am happy to say this time I managed to not have gestational diabetes which is great. Plus I’ve done hypno birthing (which I’ll do a post on soon) so I am altogether better sound in mind going through the pregnancy.

But don’t let this all fool you, because boy has this pregnancy been rough, in some ways more so than last. Firstly lets chat about the bloody heatwave! When your heavily pregnant a heatwave is not your friend. Now following a busy weekend at a hen do which had me being ill for most of it, then a couple of days camping where I was also pretty poorly, cue a medical emergency and am ambulance dash for me in the middle of no where in Surrey.

If you haven’t read my birth story here it is. Just to give you an idea of the pain I experienced during my labour. So at about 8 in the evening I started having some pain in my back, it was at about a 5. I went to lay down hoping it was just baby in an awkward position. Cue 10 minutes later I’m screaming in pain with what feels like a severe contraction. The only problem is the contraction isn’t stopping its just a continuous pain. Panic hits as I picture myself giving birth to a tiny 28week old baby in a campsite. Richards on the phone to the ambulance, I’m throwing up, in a manic state not being able deal with the pain or panic. 2 yes 2 hours later the ambulance turn up, give me some gas for the pain, which doesn’t really touch the surface, but at least gives me something to do to try to ease the panic. As they work out which hospital maternity ward will take me, Richard packs up our stuff and Chris stays with Arch. Who thankfully was asleep during the whole thing.

Once at hospital, the midwives check me over, baby is fine, cervix is closed. I’m not in labour, so what the hell is causing this pain? Their guess is kidney stones..bloody kidney stones. They give me a small dose of oral morphine which I throw up instantly. So I’m just left with paracetamol and codeine. They don’t have any gas to give me, and because I’m pregnant I can’t really have anything else for the pain and so just spend the next 9 hours withering in pain while my mum tries to calm me down.

I’m moved wards, given fluids and I stay over night. The pain finally goes and I manage some sleep. I’m discharged the next morning with antibiotics and a referral for an ultrasound on my kidneys.

Richard who went back to be with Arch picks us up and we make our way home, thanking god it’s over and that the baby is fine. I get home and try to sleep. I’m super sore which is expected but I’m glad its all over.

I start to feel some pain again, I’m hoping its just a backlash to the trauma, it isn’t. Cue me withering in pain and Richard speeding down the A1 to get me to A&E. Now I can honestly say kidney stones are just as painful as labour, and at this point I can’t believe it’s happening again, and I’m going to have to be in pain again all night. I scream down A&E and I wheeed off to abed straight away where a doctor tries to take some blood and fit a cannula. Thankfully they give me a small dose of morphine through the cannula, and I get given fluids and something else I can’t remember what it’s called, but it went up my butt. This combination worked a treat, and it was so nice to not be in pain. But I was told that because I’m pregnant, I can’t have this dose again so hopefully it lasts. I’m also told I can’t have a CT scan which is what they would normally do for kidney stones, so I will have to wait for an ultra sound. If I have any more kidney stones I ca’t have anything done about it until after I give birth, so both me and the doctors were hoping that this was it. Otherwise I was going to have to find a way to deal with the pain, because the further into my pregnancy I got, the less painkillers I could have.

I get discharged feeling slightly better but sore, black and blue. Weget home and sleep.Thankfully mum has stayed a few days, shes looked after Arch while me and Richard dealt with lack of sleep. But as im trying ti drift off the pain starts again. I panic. I don’t want to harm the baby but also this pain in just excruciating. I’m at a 9 again instantly. I jump in the shower and use heat on my back which helps. But obviously I can’t do this forever especially as the baby won’t like the heat. So Richard and my mum make some wheat bags and my mum spends close to 2 hours holding the heat pads on my back with pressure until I finally fall asleep. We do this for the next couple of days, heat helps I can cope with the heat thank god. The next couple of days I have the pain off and on again, but the heat hekps and thankfully the pain eases each time.

Thankfully it’s over 2 months later and I havent had another A&E dash, though I have had a couple of scares and a stomach bug. My kidneys have been checked, and they both look good. The theory is, where I had been being sick for a couple of weeks rather badly, paired with the heatwave, I must have dehydrated pretty badly possibly causing an infection and stones.

But yes. Feelss like I’ve been through labour twice without having a baby.

Now I drink my weight in water, and lemon water. I read lemon can break down toxins and stones in the kidneys. And I just pray to never be in that  again. Well until child birth.