Quick and simple DIY for your Thursday



Ok so we kind of had a little bit of sunshine yesterday did we not? Ok so yes it’s raining now but don’t let that stop you dreaming of the hot weather hopefully greeting to us soon.

So this DIY today is super simple but super effective and shouldn’t cost you a penny. We all have those sunglasses which are horrid, or slightly outdated, but instead of throwing them away why not see if they can be saved?


All you need for this DIY is a pair of old sunglasses you don’t mind possibly ruining…nail varnish and masking tape. Now I wouldn’t go out and by nail varnish particularly for this, an old bottle will do and if its a bit sticky, add a little bit of nail varnish remover to loosen it a bit, this will help with painting the glasses too! I picked these, which I have had for years that I think I got for a fancy dress party…they are pretty out there regarding shape, so I figured add a bit of colour and make them even more out there…Anyway here’s what I did.


Mask off the bit you don’t want covered, and decide on a colour pallet your going to go for. I have picked pastel mint green and a coral, I like using bold colours and because my glasses are like bug eyed, I thought why not. I have decided to just paint half the glasses like a split look keeping the tortoise shell on the bottom half.

Here are some inspiration for you DIY sunglasses.



If you have big round glasses that need updating, go all sixties on them. Polka dots, with big lips will look divine.




Half toned are really in, and is so simple to do. Similar to mine just mask off one half! Also how cute is that pineapple dress.




Similar to what I did with keeping half the tortoise shell showing, gives it that updated vintage look with a pop of colour. But as you can see its pretty simple, I then spruced it up a notch and using a cocktail stick added some pink flecks…we all love confetti now all I am waiting for is a funky party or s warm summer day to try these beauts out!!


Good luck!