Re doing your entire home..?

First thing first, accept that re-decorating your entire home, or at least a good few rooms will take time..a lot of time. This is no easy 1 month fix..We would all love to have the opportunity to create our own luxury home these days. A lot of people worry about the cost, but even those with money may not know where to start. Sometimes a bit of research and a lot of elbow grease will help you create the best luxury home you can. 

A good place to start, if you’re at a lost of ideas, is to observe current interior design trends and techniques. Think of it the same as the fashion industry. Until you know what the current trends are you can’t create your own equivalent. In order to get a better understanding you need to read lots of magazines and articles, view many properties, and speak with experts. You need to develop a clear idea of exactly what you want. And to do this effectively you’ve got to be aware of the options available to choose from. It’s a mission…but it will be worth it!

If interior design isn’t your forte, or you feel that maybe you need a little extra help, try  consider choosing someone like The Renovation Company, who specialise in high-end home renovations. They have the experiences and the resources to get what you want, or help your mind settle on what you may want!

If your thinking of a complete re-do, save some money by upcycling your furniture! An important part of creating a luxury home is making a statement. You’ve got to have a couple of statement pieces that really stand out. These will be pieces that everyone is going to see and be wowed by. They are pieces that will let people know in no uncertain terms that your home is an awesome one. You might think about something bright, abstract or just a little different to achieve this. 

Lastly it’s kind of all about planning and organising your time and money! Mood boards will be your best friend! Tackling one room at a time is the way to do it..Realsitically this big project is going to take you quite a long time, be prepared for this. My mother is slowly going through redecorating her entire house…in 6 months she has done one room…but this one room looks good. It’s all about pacing, researching, haggling and designing! And as a last tip, magazines are a great way to get inspiration, cuttings for your mood board. Plus a lot of the time home decor magazines come with discount codes. A girl’s or guy’s best friend when re-decorating.

19914423325427267Cathy Homestyle

When making a mood board, don’t think about if it looks good or if it’s neat. It’s a collage of colour, texture and pattern to bring your inspiration together.Remember when you decorate your home, you decorate for you. No one else. It’s your prerogative if you want a fur pink couch a top of a leopard print rug. If you style with confidence, you can pull anything off.

my-paradissi-wire-mesh-moodboard-diy-alvhemMy Paradissi

Why not use your mood board as a piece of artwork afterwards? It’s sure to fit in with your decor!!


Shop around for different textures and samples. If you find your dream wall paper but it’s £50 a metre…see if you can find a cheaper alternative, or try a DIY alternative. Drawing on your wall, using stencils is a great way to achieve a bright pattern without spending a fortune.

Once again have fun with it! We decorate our homes to make them an expression of us. Plus to totally wow our freinds and family who come to visit! Enjoy it!