Ok, so I have been enjoying Etsy a little too much lately, our gallery wall is coming on beautifully, pictures to come soon, but one set of things I brought I wanted to share because they are just amazing!!


Ok so Elizabeth Graeber is the genius behind my recent purchases, and I could happily have brought her entire collection. Her illustrations are whimsical, her ceramics are to die for her, and the zines are just fantastic!! I purchased a little vase, a zine pet portraits and a colouring book. She actually added a little zine of patterns, and a zine of people portraits as well as a little note of thanks too. Which was so lovely. Plus she wrapped it all beautifully with a little hand drawn sticker too! I think taking the time to personalize items for people is something I really love. I try to send a hand written note of thanks to people who buy or use our services. Just to know we are thank ful.

I was interested to see her coloruing book as we have been working on one for wooden flamingo for a couple of months now and I am hoping it will be ready by August. I like the idea of colouring books for adults and kids. I really want to colour a few pages in and even maybe frame them? Could be fun no?


Here is as snippet of the colouring book, I am so excited to you know just sit down and colour it in.. plus has given me even more inspiration to get ours finished!


The whole lot minus the vase. It was just so exciting opening this up, as I wasn’t completely sure what I was getting regarding contents of the zines and colouring book! But with the extras included all of them are fantastic and to die for. I love the effect of black and white doodle like drawings and can’t wait to have a colouring session.


Such a simple easy detail, but such a big effect. This put a massive smile on my face even before I opened the parcel up!! I love it!


One of my freebies, a little zine filled with patterns and shapes, I love this so much I am even considering framing it (aswell as all of the others) Just think every year you could flip the page and have forever changing art.


 The portrait of people zine, is just beautiful, each portrait is completely different and unique it is own way, I love the stripes on these one..very French, and we know how much I love stripes.


Stylish Pets…I want that puppy (in like real life form)  they even have fishes and birds in this little book! You have to buy it to experience the cutness of it… and yes I will probably frame this too..


And last but not least, my little vase. I love this beauty and although it’s housing some freshly cute home grown lavender, I am hoping to maybe plant a spider plant or a succulent in it, to give it some more hair!



So overall I can’t rave enough about this artists work, and it’s so reasonably priced too! do take a look at  her stuff here. If your thinking of taking a look at Etsy don’t forget to get your first £5 off by using the voucher here!


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