At this minute my house is far from relaxing. Apart from being a mini building site with tools and home decorating equipment in every corner, we also have toys/clothes/Christmas presents EVERYWHERE. Ok so it’s like this because it’s coming up to Christmas, and because we are trying our hardest to finish a god chunk of the decorating before we host Boxing day Christmas for Richards side..all in all very non relaxing though. Sadly not one room in the house is finished or dressed so I can’t even hibernate all day in a calming room. But it will be…one day I will have the finished day.


But just because my house isn’t relaxing at the moment, doesn’t mean yours can’t be.

Decorate for yourself


Farrow & Ball

When we choose room décor, we’re not always doing it for ourselves. I think sometimes people are afraid to pick that bright colour scheme, or not too sure about bold patterns. Look through magazines, of that cosy blue and white decor spread is calling out to you, but you don’t think it would go with the rest of your house, why does it matter. This could be a room just for you, and who knows it could be the start off a whole new bad ass decorating scheme. For added relaxation add lots of soft furnishings, pictures, plants and a few candles.


Add a bit of life

georgehome_ss16 Dear Decor

One addition that has a place in every home is a houseplant. Humans have a connection to nature that we tend to forget when we’re surrounded by concrete and glass. We’re not entirely sure why, but just being around a bit of it is enough to help us combat stress and feel a bit happier. It even has the power to make the air we breathe cleaner, so it’s just chock full of benefits, really. Consider adding a bit of green to your chosen room, no matter the color scheme…or go for a ton of greens. You can never have too many plants.

Work those aches out

Your Zen-riddled utopian room should also help you fight the physical signs of stress. One of stress’s nastier effects is tensing up the whole body. It’s a big reason why a lot of people suffer back pain after a day at work. If you have a chair, make it one that supports your back. You might even want to consider getting a foam roller or a mat so you have space to stretch out those aches and relax. Or you can get super-effective and get a full body massage from furniture like Shiatsu Chairs’s selection.

Hit all the senses



So, we’ve talked about sight and feel. But there are three other senses you can use to de-stress. Sound and smell are powerful senses when it comes to having an effect on your emotional health. Aromatherapy, choosing the right scents for your room, can have a superbly calming effect. It’s a good idea to make yourself a playlist of music that helps you sink into a relaxed stupor, too. As for the sense of taste? Well, no-one’s going to blame you for having a little chocolate bar after a hard day at the office.




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