Updating or upgrading your home can cost a small fortune. There are certain areas of the house that we are forever pondering over, especially kitchens! But keeping up with the latest style, and making sure we have everything a modern family might need can be just too expensive.

 So how can you get the kitchen you want without spending a fortune these days?

It’s actually easier than you think, but it may require a bit of work on your part. Much of the cost of installing a new kitchen comes from the installers themselves. The cost of labor has continued to climb dramatically over the last few years. And many kitchen companies will only sell you their kitchen units and fittings if you use their installers to put it in. So can you get around this cost? Yes, when you Do It Yourself.

DIY doesn’t need to be something you shy away from. Instead, you can have faith that you’re saving a fortune. Providing all your electrics and plumbing are already in place, there is little more you will need a professional to do. You will need a professional to install a gas appliance or an electric oven though so it is signed off as safe.

You can install your own kitchen cabinets if you are changing the layout of your kitchen. Reuse the cabinets you have where possible. Hanging wall cabinets is easier than you think when you have the right tools to support them while you work. Once the cupboards are fixed in the right place, you can buy new doors, or paint up the old ones to look fresh and stylish.

Kitchen worktops can be cut to shape and size at home if you have the right tools. But most DIY stores have that service in-store if you’re stuck. Careful measuring will ensure there are no expensive mistakes. You’ll also need to buy some sealant so no water will get down the back next to the wall, and gaps are neatly joined. You can paint tiles if you want a new color. Alternatively, why not buy a cheaper perspex splashback?

Kitchen flooring can also be installed by you. Stick with what was there before. If you had tiles, replace them with new tiles. A spirit level is essential to ensure the floor is even. It can be dangerous to have a sloping or uneven floor in the kitchen. You should also make sure the kitchen is well lit. If you need additional or different lighting, you are likely to need a professional electrician to install it. However, plinth lighting can often be plugged into the mains at a regular socket so you can pop those in yourself.

A brand new kitchen doesn’t need to cost you more than you can afford. If you’re willing to put in the effort to install it yourself, you can save a fortune. Always salvage what you can from the old kitchen. And second-hand appliances can look good and last well. See what you can save on your dream kitchen.